FaceTime on Android Some very bad news is arriving: no one is going to like this latest news

FaceTime on Android Some very bad news is arriving: no one is going to like this latest news

There is very bad news for those who use FaceTime on Android. Here are the details of the news that was just announced: No one is going to like it.

So you can comfortably make video calls with your friends, relatives and colleagues for some time Apple offers personalized service It can be accessed from iPhone as well as Mac and iPad. We're talking about Confrontation timeis free and can be started simply by having an Apple ID account at your disposal and an active Internet connection.

FaceTime on Android, very bad news for users – Computer-idea.it

As many already know, FaceTime wasn't actually exclusive to Apple for long. But actually also with one Android smartphones You can enjoy all the benefits offered by this video calling service. However, there is no shortage of bad news for this latter category of users. According to what appeared, There is one last piece of news That no one will like, and that will go to Limit – very slightly – the service For those who are using a device with the green robot.

FaceTime on Android: news that doesn't make users happy

Even with A Android deviceThere is a possibility Use FaceTime To make video calls and be able to talk while taking advantage of all the advantages provided by this service. how? Simply by answering a call you receive from another user who has an Apple device. But there are some contraindications Which you should know.

Restrictions on using FaceTime on Android – Computer-idea.it

If that's enough of an answer Click on the call link, Enter your name and agree to use your camera and microphone. There are some important restrictions. Many features are also supported in web mode. Such as the microphone mute button or the camera deactivation button. And then Full screen mode To be able to take advantage of the entire screen or that Network configuration If there are more participants.

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The major shortcomings of News Feed relate to other tools. On an Android device or PC, for example, this will not be possible Share your screen To show others what you do. Not even enjoying the job sharingwhich remains exclusive to those who have the official app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

the changes It has already entered into force You will be able to see it as soon as one of your contacts decides to make a video call with you. However, there are many valid alternatives for you to make calls without restrictions. From the simple application WhatsApp for teamsPassing through Meeting, Skype And so on and so forth.

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