5 Unprecedented and Interesting Solutions

5 Unprecedented and Interesting Solutions

A mirrored wardrobe can be a beautiful and useful solution, capable of powerfully distinguishing a bedroom or other spaces in the home. They are not the most classic cabinets and many may not consider them, at least at first, but it is a very relevant option.


Mirror wardrobe: 5 beautiful and useful solutions

there Different solutions and many cases in which Mirror wardrobe can be a good choicePresence Fun and useful at home. We’ll look at a little for Help those who are looking for a new wardrobe choose them He may not be able to make a decision about it Colors, materials and finishes.

Mirrored wardrobe

1. Corner mirror cabinet

Mirrored wardrobe

Corner wardrobe allows you to properly use spaces that are not always optimized in a smart, modern and functional way at home. This can be a large wardrobe that follows the walls make an anglebut also a piece of furniture that can be placed Right angular position.

If the corner wardrobe has a mirror surfaceThe effect could be more interesting. Not only will we make use of space that is generally neglected and underused, but You can change the face of the room, make it brighter and, at least visually, make it more spacious.

All doors can be reversed or you can limit yourself to one or two sections, leaving the others with a different ending. If you choose a wardrobe with sliding doors, the space will be optimized and optimized to the fullestwith a modern and practical approach.

2. 4-Door Mirrored Wardrobe

Mirrored wardrobe

Four door wardrobe You don’t always find space in all homes. It’s impressive but it undoubtedly reveals itself Very comfortable and spacious. If you are afraid that a wardrobe of this type will close up the space too much and turn out to be visually excessive and in some respects disproportionate to the size of the room in which it is located, then you can Choose some simple and effective tricks, which will make it lighter and more discreet.

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A very valid choice is undoubtedly a choiceMirror wardrobe. One or more of the four doors of our wardrobe can be reversed and this will help scatter the light and reflective elements, such as walls and furniture, It will give the illusion of much more spaceThus, the wardrobe will not be something overly bulky.

Another effective trick is a gimmick Go and place a mirrored dresser, or an alternatively light-colored one, against a dark wall: This will give the right balance and a pleasant contrast to the room.

3. Mirror Cabinet with 2 Doors

Mirrored wardrobe

A small wardrobe placed for example at the entrance or in the bedroomIt can, if reflected, increase its functionality. Not just a wardrobe, for example with two doors, It can be convenient to store coats, hats and other items to keep close at hand before leaving the housebut if it is reversed, it can also meet the need for Give yourself a final check before you head out.

In addition, reflective surfaces, as mentioned, help It diffuses light, natural or otherwise, and gives the illusion of larger, more spacious and airy environments. Something that is often in high demand in entryways.

The most suitable models for the entrance or corridor are shallow, but rather long modelsin order to take advantage of the vertical space that is often of little value in the home.

4. Entrance mirror cabinet

Mirrored wardrobe

As we have seen, a small mirrored wardrobe in the hallway can be especially practical. It could be One door wardrobemore than a wardrobe closet, but It would be appreciated, if not for its ability, undoubtedly for its functionality.

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Sarah 50% wardrobe and 50% mirror It will respond to various needs, which are often encountered, right at the entrance. Putting a piece of furniture of this type, for example, next to the door of the house and completing it and making it with a simple intervention, more effective It is original.

5. Bedroom Mirrored Wardrobe

Mirrored wardrobe

A cute wardrobe is an almost indispensable presence in the bedroom. Choosing a mirrored wardrobe can be a very interesting optionModern and practical.

Wardrobe with simple and contemporary design Can, thanks to the reflective surfaces, become even more authentic They are interesting and give a great character and character to the room.

In a room with somewhat dark colors And from a single source of natural light, like a large window on one side, Mirrored wardrobe can turn out to beExcellent solution for diffusion of light And give the composition a sense elegance and refinementwhich can be further highlighted by placing some beautiful plants nearby.

Gallery of ideas and pictures of wardrobe

There are many mirrored wardrobe models on the market that can satisfy endless aesthetic and functional needs. To choose the one that best suits your home, a very simple process can be to start from an online image search, to guide your choices. Take a look at our gallery.

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