The ruling by the Federal Act of Federation (Fia) confirmed that excessive spending –

The ruling by the Federal Act of Federation (Fia) confirmed that excessive spending –
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Budget cap: FIA ruling confirmed a ‘minor’ breach by Verstappen, penalties to be determined later

The FIA ​​has announced the checks on the budget cap related to team accounts for the 2021 season. The day after Verstappen won his second World Cup in Japan. These are the first reports since financial regulation came into effect to balance competition on the right track. And someone did not respect them.

He passed Red Bull Last season’s expenditure ceiling that max Verstappen won the title in the last race in Abu Dhabi in a controversial finalagainst Lewis Hamilton. The British team committed a double violation: the first is of a procedural nature and the second is more serious, even if it is classified as a “minor overtaking”, which is an overrun of less than 5% of the total of $145 million. The revelation arrived ten months after the Dutchman’s last-lap feat cast a heavy shadow. Because Red Bull is the only one of the 10 teams in F1 that has spent more than it is allowed to. The team managed by Christian Horner defended itself as follows: “We learned of the overtaking, we are surprised and disappointed. Our announcement for 2021 was below the limit, so we must study the FIA ​​documents carefully, because we believe we spent less than allowed and not more. There is an ongoing process with the FIA ​​and we will assess what needs to be done.”

The penalties will be decided later by a jury: they range from a fine, to a reprimand, to a points deduction in the constructors’ (or drivers) championship, to suspensions from one or more races, to a reduction in the budget ceiling for next year. Until the hours freeze in the wind tunnel for next yearThis is what opponents are betting on. Because if altering the results of the 2021 World Championships will do incalculable damage to F1’s image, it is possible to intervene in the future.

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What are the next steps? An agreement similar to the Financial Fair Play Agreement for Football can be reachedWrite a settlement agreement called Aba (Acceptable Breach Agreement) if Red Bull acknowledges the breach. Otherwise, the file will be judged directly by the Maximum Cost Adjustment Committee, made up of experts appointed by the FIA ​​General Assembly.

competitors, From Ferrari to Mercedes, to McLaren, they asked for model sentencesEven a million more people can make a difference in the space of the season, Binotto noted. “If we put 300,000-500,000 euros on the car, we might win the world championship,” Hamilton said at Suzuka.

For Aston Martin, it was just a procedural violation, the same for Williams who had already paid a $25,000 fine. The top eight teams, including Ferrari, are within the criteria. Red Bull case exploded on the eve of the Singapore Grand PrixBut the unrest continued for months. Since the dawn of new ground-impact technical regulations that have forced teams to develop cars completely different from their predecessors, with a commitment of $145 million per season.

Ferrari and Mercedes suspect Red Bull benefited from overtaking 2021 Gain an advantage for this tournament too Which Max Verstappen won at Suzuka at least four races. Low blows, accusations and leaks from the federation: In recent weeks the F1 environment has been filled with controversy and grudges. But in the end, the rumors were confirmed by FIA scrutiny. Red Bull defended itself by talking about accounting differences due to different interpretations of the regulation due to staff allocation. But she was sure that she presented the accounts in order. But this was not the case, and now the opponents were ready for war.

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Mohammed bin Sulayem, the FIA ​​president who replaced Jean Todt at the FIA ​​late last year, found himself running the toxic tail of a controversial Abu Dhabi final that promised a revolution in procedures and management systems. Michael Massey and other main characters sacked But the errors in the control of the new race (assigned to Freitas-Witch Tandem) persisted. The former rally driver from Dubai, a member of a very wealthy family, finds himself at a major crossroads: closing the relationship with “foreplay” would be a fatal blow to one of the pillars of the organization, finance. In F1 already in a crisis of credibility.

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