Nikolai Patrushev freezes the world! The latest threat from the Russian politician

Nikolai Patrushev freezes the world!  The latest threat from the Russian politician

The Russian politician freezes the world

Nikolai PatrushevSecretary of the Russian Security Council freezes the world! A real threat from the Russian politician.Russia has advanced and unique weapons that are capable of this Annihilate any enemyincluding United Stateis reading In an interview with the newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta Re-launched by tax. Russia is patient and does not frighten anyone with its military advantage, Patrushev explained. However, she owns it advanced weapons And uniquely capable of destroying any enemy, including the United States, in the event of a threat to its existence.

For the past few hours, it has been constantly on The war between Russia and UkraineThe Russian Foreign Minister also spoke Sergey Lavrov. The latter, as I mentioned before SkyTG 24although some countries intend to write off Russia, Moscow still has it Many friends in the West. After that, the head of Russian diplomacy intervened on his “Telegram” channel, warning his followers of this Your country’s struggle to maintain its position in the world has already begun.”

All attempts to divide and rule are doomed to failureFollow Lavrov. Although campaign for cancel russia, We still have many friends, even in the West. They share our traditional values.” Finally, emphasize how the country will defend aggression by the West led by Ukrainian neo-Nazis.”

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