Diablo 4, Blizzard is asking users what they think of the $100 DLC

Diablo 4, Blizzard is asking users what they think of the $100 DLC

Some of my players Diablo 4 They received a survey from Blizzard asking what they thought of the game Downloadable content More expensive, Up to $100And what type of content to include to entice them to follow through with the purchase.

Signs clearly point to the launch of the Hate Ship, which was introduced with a trailer at BlizzCon 2023: In the poll we’re talking about Four packages are possible 50, 70, 80 or 100 dollars, each granting access to the expansion.

However, the bonuses change depending on the price: the main one is about Early access to certain features and new featuressuch as the ability to use CPU-controlled companions one season earlier than all other users.

We are also talking about Larger spaces inside the warehouse Compared to the Standard Edition, in addition to early access to unique pieces of equipment or to some legendary items, it is not clear whether this is immediate or just a preview.

Wrinkle worrying?

Lilith the Terrible from Diablo 4

Let’s be clear, the survey we’re talking about could simply be a way for Blizzard to do this Water testing Understand what Diablo 4 players think about these policies, which nonetheless undoubtedly represent a powerful monetization tool.

So we cannot say with certainty that the above-mentioned packages will actually be marketed or whether the publisher will consider a strategy of this kind, but to get official confirmation we will have to wait for the arrival of the Hate Ship.

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