The Sassuolo-Berardi report cards are amazing. Rakia Ayhan. Skamka enters and scores

The Sassuolo-Berardi report cards are amazing.  Rakia Ayhan.  Skamka enters and scores

Final result: Sassuolo Spezia 4-1

Tips 6 – Good exit for Gyasi at the beginning of the match. In Verdi’s masterpiece, he can only stand and watch.

Mulder 6 – For his part comes the work of Spezia’s equalizer, but more than flaws there is the skill of the Ligurian team that triangulates well. In recovery it also grows in the proposal stage.

Ayhan 7 – Back to the owner after the seat in Salerno. Gyasi for the first few minutes causes some headache but then it goes away. He gives himself the joy of his first Serie A goal with a pool shot that effectively shuts out the match in Mabe.

Ferrari 6 – Drive the rear with your usual calm. At the beginning of the second half, he called Kovalenko, who demanded the penalty kick, but his intervention was quite regular. Also the quality of two of his launches to re-work.

Kyriakopoulos 6 – Suggestion. When he shows himself forward he always gives the impression that he is capable of creating something dangerous.

Phratesi 7.5 – On the first intrusion into the area, a penalty kick is occupied. A few minutes later he would have had the ball 2-0, but missed it hard not seeing Defrel free at close range. Capitalization performance to celebrate contract renewal. As we have seen today, he definitely deserves the first national team. Starting at 84′ Magnanelli sv

Lopez 7 – The center of gravity for Emilian’s team. With an average of two or three for the previous OM, it doesn’t change much. Fight in every area of ​​the playing field, recovering an inconsistent amount of balls.

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M. Henrique 6 – Command. As Lopez recovers the balls and Fratesi creates dangers forward, the Brazilian gives balance. It oversees its area by occupying the necessary spaces to avoid surprises in the restart of La Spezia. From 84′ Harroui sv

Berardi 8 – Received a pre-match award for surpassing 300 games in a Sassuolo shirt, 25 Nirverde gives himself up and gives Milan a great performance for the crowd. In addition to two goals that led him to reach a very important goal such as the hundred marks in the Italian Serie A. From 90′ Ceide sv

Devrel 6.5 – Dionysi prefers him to scamaka and in the first half he is the only one who does not give great signs of life. But in the first ball of the second half, Berardi scored. generous performance. From 68′ Skamka 7 – Enter. He scored the poker goal that got him 13 places on the scorers list. Welcome.

Traore 6 – After a great performance against Salernitana he was called up for confirmation. Evening, however, is not the best. He tries to focus on finding his fortune, but lacks subtlety. In any case, commitment on his part is never lacking. Starting in the 90′ ​​Oddei sv

Alessio Dionissi 7 – With Rasbadori ruled out, the Nirverde coach changed the tactical line-up from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3. However, the team does not denigrate and becomes the protagonist in a capital match, against the troublesome Spezia but without persistence. Berardi stitches up the game and the results making everything easier. Today’s race proves, if there is still a need, that Sassuolo can continue to contend for a European position.

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