Botanical Garden, “roots” between science and contemporary art

Botanical Garden, “roots” between science and contemporary art

The exhibition “Radici” will open on Friday, October 20, at 4.30 p.m., at the Botanical Garden of the University of Catania, organized in collaboration with the Dioniso nella Botte Cultural Association as part of the In Studiis Artistarum project, which focuses on dialogue. Between historical places of science and contemporary art, which has made it possible since 2014 to create a series of exhibitions in the anatomical and paleontological museums of Bologna.

The Botanical Garden of Catania is the perfect place from which you can be inspired for this kind of experience. The aim of this new phase is actually to explore the concept of “root” by linking it on a cultural and scientific level. Artists Francesco Cornaccia, Isabella Deligia, Luisa Dente, Alice Ricci and Davide Saba create site-specific works that will be placed in green spaces, developing the subject in question in a personal way, studying it from an anthropological, emotional and symbolic perspective. Or philosophical and shaping their research in relation to their surroundings.

The project was coordinated by Chiara Mascardi together with the Scientific Director of the Botanical Garden, Prof. Gian Pietro Giusso del Galdo and Dr. Giuseppe Siracusa, the park’s director of communications and promotions.

In the interior room of the Botanical Garden, the seven winning illustrations of the art competition promoted by the DNB Association will also be displayed in parallel with the exhibition, created by Ivana Angeli, Marinella Conti, Chiara Di Salvo, Luigi Gallo, Alice Gentile, Salvatore Pulveriente and Martina Scarlata, as well as Works by out-of-competition artists Beatrice de Bernardi and Argosianus. Alternatively, via QRcode it will be possible to download Radici’s book, which brings together the selected stories that participated in the literary competition.

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The exhibition will be open to visitors from Friday, October 20 to December 31, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (last entry at 4pm), and on Saturday from 9am to 2pm (last entry at 1pm).

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