If you are caught in this way, this is a fine of 4000 euros

If you are caught in this way, this is a fine of 4000 euros

Today we’re going to go see the different rules of the Highway Code that went into effect for e-bikes and the different differences that happen with “regular” bikes.

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Pedal assisted bikes, or better known as e-bikes, have been regulated recently, that is, in 2013 byEuropean Union. So far, however, very few cyclists actually know all the provisions that apply to these special two-wheeled vehicles.

E-bikes are regulated by motorway law and the European Union

with the Infrastructure OrdinanceFor example, all electric bikes deemed incompatible have already been banned from the market. If we were caught driving one of these, in fact, we would be owed a very high fine.

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To explain bikes that are not specifically covered by the regulations, we will useArticle from Highway Code No. 50. According to the latter, vehicles with two or more wheels that are capable of moving thanks to the power of our muscles or a small electric motor with a nominal power of 0.25 kW are included in the revs.

Not only that, having hit 25 km/h, the car must be able to slow down independently to fall into this category. In addition to all Pedal assist revs must necessarily have a button that activates the engine even when the pedals are stationary.

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So every e-bike should have a way to gradually stop their racing. There are also many Regulations also with regard to dimensions. In fact, for no reason our bike can be no longer than 3m in length, 1m in width and 30m in height and 2m and 20m in height.

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Electric bikes will also be subject to penalties

Moreover, according to the new law decree The continuous power that our electric car can reach is 250 watts, a number that can only be overcome for short moments. Thus, anyone who produces, sells or markets a vehicle that does not meet these criteria will be punished with a fine of €1,084 to €4,339.

Not only that, but even those who make changes that increase the power or speed of their electric bike will be fined, and receive a fine that can reach 3,382 euros.

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Among other things, even e-bikes have to be organized with the driver who will have to do it Install and operate a license plate with normal insurance. In short, even by bike we have to pay special attention to respecting the various rules of the Highway Code.

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