Kibbutz Kfar Aza massacre NBC: “Detailed maps and plans were found to attack schools and youth centers” – Documents

Kibbutz Kfar Aza massacre NBC: “Detailed maps and plans were found to attack schools and youth centers” – Documents

there nbc a statement Exclusively the maps and documents found on the bodies of Hamas militiamen after the attack on Kibbutz Kfar Azza, where an entire community was destroyed. These are the detailed attack plans that were in the hands of the combat units that raided the kibbutz. The instructions are in Arabic printed on A4 sheets, with colorful maps indicating specific areas: dentist’s office, supermarket, dining room, ideal location. But not only. Among the goals cited by the two highly trained units was the establishment of a primary school and a youth center, with an order to “search” and “take hostages.” On a page classified as top secret that outlines the plan of attack, we read that “Combat Unit 1” should “contain the New Dawa School,” while “Combat Unit 2” should “collect hostages,” “Research Bnei Akiva Youth Center.” And “the old Daat School.” According to NBC, this would be evidence that the terrorists deliberately targeted young people and children in the kibbutz, with the aim of quickly bringing them into the Gaza Strip. In recent days, military sources told reporters that they saw dozens of bodies of children who were killed in Kibbutz Kfar. Azza. On another page where the attack plan is outlined, one assault unit must protect the eastern area while the other must attack the western area, “taking hostages” and “killing as many people as possible.” According to military and security officials analyzing this According to the documents, images taken by video surveillance cameras show tactics similar to those mentioned in the plans found on the bodies of the militants.Hamas had monitored and collected detailed information about the kibbutzim on the border with the Gaza Strip, and provided specific attack plans for each community, with the aim of targeting women and children. intentionally.

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