Jim Ryan promises more acquisitions, ‘We’re growing’ – Nerd4.life

Jim Ryan promises more acquisitions, ‘We’re growing’ – Nerd4.life

During the PlayStation podcast, Chief Jim Ryan He claimed that the company Will acquire other development studies. Ryan made it clear Play Station “It’s growing through acquisitions.”

The announcement was made during a larger PS Plus-related speech. During the broadcast, Ryan said, “We’re growing through acquisitions. We’ve acquired five development studios over the course of 2021. We’re in discussions with Bungie. A. Lots of scheme.”

Remember that Sony has already announced the acquisition of not only Bungie, but also Haven Studios, a development team founded by Jade Raymond and currently working on PS5 exclusively, unfortunately we know nothing about.

PlayStation Studios

Sony is focused on acquiring teams that can. give support and expanding game production, focusing on direct services. Ryan has stated in the past that PlayStation will not only stop producing the AAA story and single-player games that set it apart, but will also include new products in its portfolio.

at 2021Sony bought Valkyrie Entertainment, Housemarque, Bluepoint, Firesprite and Nixxes. In addition, it has also invested $200 million in Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite and the Unreal Engine, a development engine widely used in the gaming market, including the next Firesprite, which will be a horror adventure.

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