New trilogy and two other third-party games announced by CD Projekt RED –

New trilogy and two other third-party games announced by CD Projekt RED –

the magician It remains a pillar in CD Projekt RED production, as it appeared during today’s financial conference where the team announced New trilogy in development In the team, starting with the new chapter already announced for which two more chapters are already planned, as well as others Two matches from other teams.

At the financial conference organized in these minutes, which was suspected of containing the release date of The Witcher 3: The Complete Edition but was later dismissed by the team, some very important information about the future of CD Projekt RED and the series came into question.

In addition to mentioning a new game in the Cyberpunk 2077 series, it is well revealed Three projects Related to The Witcher. The new trilogy of The Witcher will start with the new chapter that was announced some time ago and is in development on Unreal Engine 5: the game in question has not yet been identified as The Witcher 4 and now there is confirmation that it is in all respects a kind of fresh start, as it is a planned trilogy Already.

there “New Epic” From The Witcher, as already announced by CD Projekt RED, will therefore consist of three more chapters, so the project is still long-term and there will be a way to return to it, beyond the new title already introduced even if it has not yet appeared in detail. According to reports, the various chapters will come out in the expected cycle of 6 years.

Not only that, there are also two other games in development related to The Witcher, but which are dedicated to other teams: Sirius is the codename for a new game in progress in The Molasses Flood, Team The Flame in the Flood, while Canis Majors It is the other project in development in a third party team that is not better defined at the moment.

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Either way it should be a spin-off of the “regular” series, which is expected to get more details in the coming months, but it looks like development will take some time either way. It is said that Sirius is expected to expand the brand to a wider audience and will feature items multiplayer And the single player, probably distinguished above all by the first mode, being the feature that CD Projekt RED has now highlighted.

As for Canis Majoris, it could be a pretty big production title, considering it’s in development. Unreal Engine 5just like the new major trilogy, and we are waiting to know the name of the responsible development team.

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