Methane under the euro per kg also thanks to the vitality, but …

Methane under the euro per kg also thanks to the vitality, but …

05/17/2023 – Nicola Ventura

The sweet surprise comes from the methane distributor Tamuel Pinerolo Today, it recorded an encouraging high of €0.999/kg.
Certainly it is not less than a thousand euros that makes the difference, but after such a long period that began in October 2021, seeing zero in front of the methane price for cars has a psychological impact that is not secondary.

The FTT (the infamous FTT!!!) that we have known in recent years is finally going down and this is helping to reshape prices even if very slowly.

Based on current prices (32-35 € / MWh), the average price in Italy should not be higher than 1.2-1.3 € / kg while as of today (05/17/2023) it is still very high at 1.567 € / kg as evidence that the two typical Italian speeds between price rise and fall are also confirmed for methane for cars.

Tamoil di Pinerolo makes its own story thanks to the provision of Italian bio-methane which certainly allows for more interesting price dynamics.

Swallows certainly don’t make spring, but we hope that virtuous examples such as, but not limited to, this one from Pinerolo, will be an incentive to move some areas of Italy where it is really frustrating to encounter prices so covered by not so veiled labels …

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