91% of Italians believe in science

91% of Italians believe in science

Salerno, October 4th. (askanews) – Italians believe in science: as many as 91% say they believe in scientific research: this is the clear indicator that emerges from the survey on “The State of Science, SOSI, State of Science” conducted by 3M was presented today at the opening of the 13th edition From the Research Exchange Forum, the national matching event on innovation promoted by the Emblema Foundation and organized in collaboration with the University of Salerno. The “Stato della Scienza-SOSI, State of Science Index” survey is an original and independent research that includes a global report and Italy-specific survey.

“Science matters to 3M because it is how we address our biggest challenges to transforming businesses, improving lives and making our world a better place,” said Marc Rutier, 3M Vice President Southeast Europe and President of 3M-ETS. For this reason, we invest each year in creating the State of Science Index report, which explores the population’s attitudes toward science. 91% of Italians stated that they believe in science and scientific research and 86% agree with misinformation associated with news circulating on the Internet and social networks. 88% of Italians refer to scientific information from scientists, while the level of trust towards politicians and influencers is negative at 26 and 20%.”

Antonio Petrosanto, delegate of the Third Mission and Research Promotion at the University of Salerno, and Daniela Allegani, Vice President and General Secretary of 3M-ETS Foundation participated in the meeting that kicked off the work of the Research Exchange Forum. Carlo Alberto Carnival Maffei, President of the Riccagioia Foundation, Luigi Gallo, Director of Innovation District at Invitalia, Anna Leonardi, Italian Public Affairs for ST Microelectronics, and Filippo D’Arba, CEO of Sicilia Micro and Nano Sistemi Technology District, participated in a round table discussing the data that emerged It examines the various repercussions of interest in science at the social level, both in the academic and industrial fields.

“The Research Exchange Project highlights the potential for connections to be made between all the champions of innovation – emphasized Vincenzo Loya, President of the University of Salerno – at this intersection of skills, each putting their own expertise into play: institutions, researchers, companies, start-ups, and public and private investors. The synthesis of knowledge proves It is an important component to provide young people and our male and female students with an accurate map on how to orient themselves toward their future in the world of work, how to learn to promote business ideas, and on how to turn them into an opportunity.”

State of Science Research is a 3M study that monitors and explores global attitudes toward science, assessing what people think about it and its impact on the world. The survey sample represents 1,000 adults from the general population in 17 countries around the world. The collected results also provide an important overview of the social phenomena affecting the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) sector: less than 20% of Italians said they wanted to pursue a career in this field, but did not feel free to do so. Do this for persistent prejudices about sexual orientation, race, and gender.

For this data, it is also possible to relate the focus on how women are an untapped potential in the STEM workforce and how they lack appropriate encouragement and support to work in these areas: according to 88% of respondents, more is needed to encourage Keeping women and girls engaged in STEM education. “The choice of 3M to submit such a prestigious survey to the Research Exchange is an acknowledgment of how the event has become a national reference point for those at universities and businesses interested in collaborating on the topic of innovation – said Tommaso Aiello, President of Emblema Foundation – we will host over 200 delegates from all over the world. across Italy at the Forum, and we are sure dozens of new synergies will be generated this year as well.”

More than 100 university delegations from 14 regions and 60 national and multinational companies participate in the 2022 Research Exchange. Among the novelties of this year is the Riccagioia Foundation, the center for research and skills transfer dedicated to agricultural technology and food technology, promoted, among other things, by the Lombardy region. “The Riccagioia Foundation – claimed Carlo Alberto Carnival Maffei, President of the Riccagioia Foundation – intends to provide an example of how collaboration between the public and private sectors can drive innovation and enable real change; in this case, in one of the most traditional sectors of our country, the agro-ecosystem, but that’s why Precisely one of the most demanding and needed new technologies, new business processes, new skills that protect tradition and at the same time make in Italy, but knowing how to make way for new sciences and markets, the exchange of research, especially the match of university and business, must become a component of the system environment and provides the tools to enable change in connection with the transfer of new technology and skills.”

The Research Exchange is organized in collaboration with the Campania region and Sviluppo Campania, which is involved with a delegation of 15 startups from Campania.

“The Research Exchange Forum in Salerno and with it Campania Innovation is back ready to enhance the excellence of the regional ecosystem and generate synergies and cooperation between public and private actors on the topics of scientific research and technology transfer – commented Valeria Fascione, consultant for research, innovation and startups in the Campania region – we will be present at the Forum, Indeed, with a delegation of 15 topics including new innovative start-ups and intermediaries such as incubators and accelerators “in the Research and Innovation Strategy for the period 2021-2027 we emphasized the mission of making Campania an international platform for innovation, focusing on important investments towards environmental transformation, in order to impact An inclusive social and economic generating broad-based well-being.” (Pictured: Marc Rutier, Vice President of 3M Southeast Europe and President of 3M-ETS)

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