Potato omelet with onions, creamy natural yogurt, artichokes and Calacut sauce, Amitler Oregane Products of the Year

Potato omelet with onions, creamy natural yogurt, artichokes and Calacut sauce, Amitler Oregane Products of the Year

The people have decided. Almond origin Ask the consumers Which products, out of 11 different categories, were their favoritesThose who came when they had no place From the Catalan food group Soon or they will be taken on a trip. the Fresh fruits and vegetablesThe brand's core products, and Preparations such as omelettes, creams, broths, yoghurts, gazpacho, dried fruits or meat preparations These are the categories between which consumers decide.

A few weeks later, after With the participation of more than 14,000 people In the survey launched by Ametller Origen in February, it is now possible to reveal these personalities Fetish products from the food group born in Ollerdola. What's more, one of the people who took part in the survey took one A monthly batch containing 11 winning products for a year.

The 11 best products of the year from Ametller Origen

These are the Ametller Origen products of the year chosen by consumers. Surprisingly, the vast majority of them are classics that have always worked.

Pumpkin cream

the Pumpkin cream It was the biggest winner in its category. I competed against Vegetables, artichokes, vichysoise and peas. They make it with 100% natural ingredients and exciting flavour. In the Ametller Origen workshop they prepare it after the Maillard reaction. Vegetables are fried before boiling to enhance their flavour.

Escudilla broth

When the classic already works, why change it? Consumers of the Catalan food group gave the victory to Escudilla brothpassing in front Chicken, vegetables, smoked fish, and bone broth. They promise her Natural products of the highest quality, without dyes or preservativesso that he has nothing to envy of what can be done at home.

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Potato and onion omelet

Another classic take off. Not only that, Amitler Origen's consumers are clear about always eating onions. the Potato and onion omelette It is prepared using only potatoes, eggs, onions, salt and homemade oil as much as possible. Here lies the key to its success. And although they are also very good, I surpassed the one containing artichokes, the one containing zucchini and onions, the one containing spinach with goat cheese, and the one containing cod.

Natural yogurt

Natural yogurt amtler origen hardcore. That's why it passed in front of Strawberry cream, forest fruit double layer, sheep kefir or skimmed forest fruit and chia.. They promise her one Fermentation of milk for a long time Who gets one? creamy Very special, slightly acidic and Flavor full of nuances.

Fresh goat cheese

although Parmigiano Reggiano, burrata, buffalo mozzarella or goat cheese As delicious and flavorful as it is, Ametller Origen consumers are very clear that what they prefer the most is Fresh goat. They promise her Goat milk from Catalan farms Achieving great flavor with a delicate and smooth texture.

Always a classic gazpacho

Even if it's a recipe Of Andalusian originIt has conquered the hearts of Catalans and become an indispensable item in refrigerators. Ametller Origen consumers prefer the classic one that the food group makes by combining cherry, rose, pear and tomato. No additives or heat treatment.

Les Noces, a favorite dried fruit

the we They were big winners in their category. This nut was chosen ahead of pistachios, roasted almonds, raw cashews and roasted hazelnuts. It is a healthy “snack” that cannot be missing at home.

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Village sausage

The Earth is always pulling and the best example of this is that Ametller Origen consumers have made a choice City sausages As the best processed meat. The food group prepares it pork Coming from Catalan farms.


They are very aromatic and delicious. Because of its size, it's a vice that once you start eating, you can't stop. the Cherry It is the fruit of the year for Ametller Origen consumers. They are grown in areas with good thermal contrast so they have the best flavour.


the artichoke He won in the vegetable category. This typical autumn and spring vegetable is the most favored by consumers of the Catalan food group. They bring it directly from them Properties located in Camarles (Terres de l'Ebre) and Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Calcot sauce

The biggest winner of the Amitler Origen sauces was the one from Panties. A classic of Catalan gastronomy and a companion without which this onion from Vals would have no meaning. They make it according to the traditional recipe in Olèrdola's workshop without preservatives or colourings.

Why do people love Ametller Origen products so much?

Ten of the eleven favorite products are manufactured in the Olèrdola workshopWhere approximately 200 people work daily devoting themselves physically and spiritually so that you can enjoy them in your home. The company has developed its own DNA, a way of doing things that sets it apart and that results in a different product. next to, Almond origin He also works with local suppliers so that products he doesn't produce directly, such as walnuts, are of better quality and with maximum flavour.

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