February 6, 2023

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Its cost is only 14.99 euros, it can be found in Lidl and it is already in a hurry to buy, here it is a ‘must-have’ of the summer

We all know you can get great deals at Lidl, in both the food and non-food sectors.

Today we are talking about one of the I found the wonderful who is this supermarketWhich always succeeds Surprise your customers. Better prepare, perhaps From next July 7 We will have to do Long queues at the entrance.

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We mention among other things that XXL flyer promotions will be valid from July 4 to 10. A series of products for food, household and personal care. And she really is A beauty product that Lidl decided to sell at an unbeatable pricewhich can become an “object of desire” for many.

Its cost is only 14.99 euros, it can be found in Lidl and it is already in a hurry to buy, here it is a ‘must-have’ of the summer

The site also provides reports Kontocurrent Onlinethere are “risks” of queues per kilometer in front of supermarkets Lidl Starting next July 7th. This is because a file The product is very much liked by women will be sold to bargain priceless than 15 euros.

And the low pricesespecially by LidlWe know that It does not correspond to low quality. In the next few days it will be possible to buy SilverCrest Anti-Cellulite Massager Only 14.99€.

Usually the cost of devices of this type is much more. The model offered for sale on Lidl is Excellent performance Even at the super promotion price. In fact, with the massager, it is possible to choose different speeds to move wheels with drain/stimulation action. The design is convenient and practical, and the device is easy to use for anyone.

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Furthermore it, Action on microcirculation Maybe Also useful for non-aesthetic purposes. Massage can go to the counter Cervical, joint and muscle pain. In short, a device suitable for the whole family. That’s why you need Mark the date on the calendar. There is a risk of “assault” because there are usually very few such occasions.

Lidl not only offers job opportunities but also

there market chain He was born in Germany in 1932 and Landed in Italy in 1992 over the years More and more successful And appreciation. So far proud 700 points of sale in our country only. Soon the file will be executed expansion plan very important.

what does that mean? there Create additional points of sale And above allEmploying thousands of collaboratorsIn the form of Various professional personalities. At least some others are expected 1000 stores by 2030And, as early as next year, we can start to see something “moving”.

But good news Is that Some selections are already active. To consult with them and maybe even send a syllabus you can Visit the official website And more precisely the section “Working with us”.