January 28, 2023

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New scientific review warning meeting at Palazzo Blu to talk about “science and art” with Cinzia Di Dio and Franco Cervelli

binomial Science and art Is the focus of the next meeting of Scientific review warningwhich will take place Monday 19 December In the Palazzo Blu hall With guest speakers Cinzia Di Dio, researcher at the Catholic University of Milan, expert researcher in the relationship between aesthetics and neuroscience and Franco Cervelli, professor of physics at the University of Pisa and former research director at the National Institute for Nuclear Physics. The meeting was moderated by Professor Sandra Lyon, of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Is it a coincidence that in ancient Greece the idea of ​​the universe and the classical concept of beauty were developed at the same time? Or that in 1632, Galileo published Dialogue Concerning Extreme Systems and Rembrandt painted Anatomy Lesson?

An excursion into the evolution of various scientific and technological disciplines and contemporary art forms allows us to learn about the important similarities between artistic movements and “scientific revolutions”. As if art and science in every age are united by a specific vision of nature. Starting from this kind of thinking, the speakers at the event will try to explain the main nodes that build the relationship between art and science, as complementary fields of civilization development.

Warning meetings are held in attendance and open to the public, as well as broadcast live on Palazzo Blu’s social media channels (facebook and youtube) and on warnig.palazzoblu.it from 3.30pm.


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