Have you forgotten Mauro Icardi forever?

Have you forgotten Mauro Icardi forever?

fiery kisses – The photos shown by the Argentine TV show “Socios del espectáculo” leave no room for doubt. Wanda Nara and L-Gante kiss passionately in the car: “We have an affirmation of love,” the bandleaders commented. The couple leaves a restaurant and gets into the car, indulging in passion. affiliate Flirting We already talked about that a few months ago. She spent some time in Argentina and showed a certain vibe with the rappers, yes they were Photographing them in bed together. However, the showgirl explained to “Verissimo” that it was just a few behind-the-scenes shots of a video they shot as a couple. “They did one plus one, but it’s not right,” he said, referring to the newspapers.

match together – When the Argentina national football team beat Croatia during the Qatar 2022 semi-finals, Wanda Nara and El-Gante were together in front of the TV. They pictured each other as a couple, with him wearing a white shirt and eye-catching gold necklaces around his neck, and she wearing a very low-cut shirt that revealed her chest. The heart accompanying the photo and the hug they hold each other in the shot indicate that the bond between them is special.

In Argentina without Mauro Icardi – Wanda Nara in Argentina with her children Benedicto, Valentino, Constantino, Francesca and Isabella but without Mauro Icardi. She celebrated her 36th birthday with a lavish party, but her husband wasn’t on the guest list. During her stay in her homeland, the showgirl made peace with her father, with whom she had not had a relationship for 8 years. To celebrate the moment, he posted a series of snaps with the reunited family on Instagram.

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towards a new life – Wanda Nara’s stay in Argentina became longer and more frequent. According to El Trece TV station: “You never really got over the Suarez issue in Eugenia” China “. It seems that he plans to return to live in South America, away from the footballer, and put an end to this tug of war once and for all. And I think at the end of November , A trip to the Maldives It made one believe that peace had returned between them.

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