I own. Mobile phone: new activation cost from July 1, 2024, lower price of eSIM – MondoMobileWeb.it | News | Telephony

I own. Mobile phone: new activation cost from July 1, 2024, lower price of eSIM – MondoMobileWeb.it | News | Telephony

Starting July 1, 2024, unless the default operator is changed I hope. Moving I will present New activation cost On all its offers, except of course for new customers coming from TIM, Vodafone, WindTre and Very Mobile, for whom the activation cost is already expected.

With this news The eSIM cost will be reduced for all new customersThis is to compensate for the new activation cost.

The same wallet also offers in July 2024

As MondoMobileWeb said, With the launch of 5G service on May 8, 2024my virtual operator. Mobile has also made available a new set of offers that can be activated by all new customers.Either with a new number or through the possibility of transferring from any operator.

This new wallet, with prices starting at €6.99 per month, will also be available in July 2024, Whether in stores or online on the operator’s website (Here is the direct link).

Below are the 4G offers, which you can enable for 5G by activation I have a choice. Turbo for €0.99 per month or ho.+ for €1.99 per month:

  • I hope. 6.99 150GB 4G Each month is composed by Unlimited minutes For all national landline and mobile numbers, Unlimited SMS For all national numbers e 150 GB Mobile Internet traffic in 4G at speeds up to 60 Mbps when downloading on a charge 6.99 euros per month;
  • I own. 8.99 200 GB 4G With a monthly package of Unlimited minutes For all national landline and mobile numbers, Unlimited SMS For all national numbers e 200 GB 4G mobile internet traffic at speeds up to 60 Mbps when downloading at a cost of 8.99 euros per month.

Here are the offers With 5G enabled already included in the price.:

  • I own. 9.99 200GB 5G Composed every month by Unlimited minutes For all national landline and mobile phone numbers, Unlimited SMS For all national numbers 200 GB Mobile Internet traffic up to 5G at a cost 9.99 euros per month;
  • I hope. 11.99 250 GB 5 GB With a monthly package of Unlimited minutes For all national landline and mobile numbers, Unlimited SMS For all national numbers 250 GB Mobile internet traffic reaches 5G at a cost 11.99 euros per month.

As an alternative to this standard wallet, it is also available online and exclusively. In some authorized shops It will remain available until further notice as well. BTL attack operator offer. 5.99 € 100 GB, can only be activated with the possibility of porting numbers from Iliad, Fastweb, PosteMobile, CoopVoce, Lyca Mobile, Daily Telecom and other virtual operators (Except Kena, Very Mobile, Digi Mobil, Feder Mobile, and Eneghan).

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With this offer, every month is included Unlimited minutes For all national landline and mobile phone numbers, Unlimited SMS For all national numbers 100 GB 4G mobile internet traffic with download speeds of up to 60Mbps, all at a cost 5.99 euros per month.

New activation cost coming soon

Right now, until tomorrow, June 30, 2024, with all the offers I have available. The mobile phone mentioned above The activation cost is shown at 0 euros instead of 29.90 euros if you activate a new number or if you come from the following operators: Iliad, Fastweb, PosteMobile (also ESP), CoopVoce, Daily Telecom, CMLink Italy, Foll-In, Green Tecommunication, LycaMobile, MUND_GSM, NTMobile, NV Mobile, Noitel, Optima, Ovunque, Plintron, Rabona Mobile, Tiscali, 1Mobile, Welcome Italia, Withu, Spusu Italia, Wings Mobile Italia, Elimobile (Elite Mobile), Italia Power, Conexo Technologies, 2appy Afinna One, Kena, Digi Mobil, Enegan and Feder Mobile.

instead of, If you come from TIM, Vodafone, WindTre and Very Mobile, you will pay the standard activation cost of €29.90, with the obligation to activate the auto-top-up serviceTo pay for renewals by credit card, checking account or prepaid account cards.

In this case, If autofill is not activated, a ho offer will be offered as an alternative. 13.99 150GB with unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS and 150GB in 4G for €13.99 per monthwith an activation cost always equal to 29.90 euros.

As mentioned, Starting July 1, 2024Taking into account the changes, for new customers who activate a new number or come from Iliad, Fastweb, PosteMobile and other virtual operators indicated above, There will be a new activation cost of 2.99 euros in particular..

However, by ordering portability from TIM, Vodafone, WindTre and Very Mobile, an activation cost of € 29.90 will always be required, as is already the case now.

Please remember that when purchasing a new display I have. Mobile, activation cost It must be added to the price of the first refill, from which the renewal cost is deducted.

As described on the operator’s website, The cost of the physical SIM card is free, while for the new eSIM format, available from May 8, 2024, a cost of €4.99 is currently required..

As mentioned previously, As of July 1, 2024, unless changes are made, the cost of an eSIM for new customers will be reduced to €1.99.In this way, adding the new activation cost of 2.99 euros as mentioned, you will pay a total cost of 4.98 eurosSo it’s the same as expected now.

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About it. Mobile navigation in 5G

Please remember that I hope. Moving It is a trademark of In me, a company 100% controlled by Vodafone Italy. Since its launch on June 22, 2018, the virtual operator has dealt exclusively with the rechargeable consumer mobile phone market, Via Vodafone network in 2G, 4G and Now also in 5G.

As of May 8, 2024, all offers will be activated. Mobile is expected in 4G The maximum speed is 60Mbps for both downloading and uploadingInstead of the previous 30 Mbps.

However, with 5G-enabled offerings, as outlined in the tariff transparency documents, there is one Estimated maximum speed is up to 2Gbps when downloading and up to 200Mbps when uploading.Thus without any limits compared to what is currently expected in 5G with Vodafone.

Please remember that to use the 5G network, you need a SIM card. Mobile is required. Compatible smartphone that is under 5G network coverage.

As mentioned earlier, for customers who have activated the 4G offer or who have a previous offer, 5G access is still available through the ho option. Turbo, which can be activated individually for €0.99 per month, or together with ho.+ at a cost of €1.99 per month.

In all cases, whether with 5G offers or by activating my service. Turbo, if the customer does not have a compatible smartphone or is not in an area covered by a 5G network, It will be able to browse over the 4G network at a theoretical maximum speed of 300MbpsSo no limits compared to what you would expect with Vodafone.

Included services and traffic details

In general, with the offers that I have. A mobile phone is always included as well SMS Extensions Services I hope. Called, hotspot, 42121 for remaining balance, call waiting and call forwarding.

Telephone answering and MMS service are not provided. Furthermore, all paid digital services such as horoscopes and ringtones are blocked by default, as are paid numbers 199, 144, 166 and 899, which can be activated at your discretion via the official app.

Only with 5G offers as shown on the operator’s official website, Support service via WhatsApp is also included.

With the offers I have on my mobile, those are possible. Unlimited minutes and text messages They may be used in accordance with the principles of good faith and health. If instead the client operator exceeds data traffic Including every month, browsing the Internet It is blocked automatically Without additional costs.

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To avoid this, the customer can use the service leave again Through the operator’s app, with renewal expected when data traffic drops below 5GB.

Recently, this service has also been included in other offers that were not compatible before, but in these cases, to wait for renewal and get the monthly gigabytes again, it is necessary to pay. Also activation cost Add to Monthly cost From the show. Anyway, as before. leave again Not available within 3 hours before your offer renews.

In the new mobile wallet with minutes, SMS and GB, Riparti still has a cost as the data package is more than 100GB per month.

According to the regulation Walk around like you’re at homeWith these offers you can use all the minutes and SMS that are also included in Europe Union. However, the situation is different for data traffic, as a gigabyte limit is imposed which varies depending on the display subscribed.

In case Insufficient balance for renewalwith Ho. You find yourself with a negative balance, to use your offer again, you must top up a sufficient amount.

Personal number and change offer for existing customers

With Ho. Mobile, starting May 15, 2023, You can also choose to personalize your new phone number onlineAs has already happened since May 18, 2020 in physical stores.

In this regard, please note As of September 21, 2023, new and existing customers of the virtual operator can also change their mobile number directly from the ho app. MovingHowever, it costs 4.99 euros.

The above offers can be activated. Also via the ho app. by some customers already, but only by increasing their monthly spending. To add data packages or enable 5G network in some cases.

For example, if you have an offer at €5.99 per month, the current 4G offers will be offered at €6.99 per month and the new 5G offers at €9.99 per month, while if you have an offer ho will be offered at €9.99 per month. 11.99 250 GB 5G at €11.99 per month.

MondoMobileWeb Preview. Without official announcements from the operator, the news is purely random, without any informative or commercial value.

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