New hypersonic aircraft, crazy goal: you will fly in a space plane

New hypersonic aircraft, crazy goal: you will fly in a space plane

It looks like a new supersonic aircraft is destined to change the way we travel forever. He will travel in the space plane: all the details.

In these hours, the whole world saw a show of the aircraft of the future. This has unique characteristics to say the least and has a supersonic rocket engine. Let’s find out all the details about the latest invention that takes us into the future.

New SST –

The whole world was able to witness View of the Aurora Mk-II. We are talking about a very special aircraft, which was born from the project of the New Zealand space company Dawn Aerospace. What distinguishes this car is its thrust, since we are talking about a A rocket engine powered by kerosene and hydrogen peroxide.

This aircraft is capable of reaching an altitude of about 1,800 meters, and has a maximum speed of 315 kilometers per hour. So far, several tests and three flights have taken place to help the company build a second prototype. New aircraft of the New Zealand company should see the light in 2024. The Aurora Mk-II could be useful in a certain area. Let’s go see Dawn Aerospace target with its new plane.

A new hypersonic aircraft, here’s the Aurora Mk-II: all the characteristics

Dawn Aerospace CEO Stephen Powell took care of introducing the new Aurora Mk-II. According to the engineer The upcoming second aircraft will have a more powerful engine And other features that would allow him to climb much higher. There are many goals for Dawn Aerospace with its new aircraft.

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New hypersonic aircraft
New SST –

The company’s goal is to fly the space plane at an altitude of 100 km, as we speak Soaring above the boundaries of internationally known space. In fact, there is still no ability to conduct regular and repeated searches in the atmosphere from about 30 km to 100 km.

Instead, with its brand new Aurora Mk-II, the company wants to fly the aircraft twice a day, thus offering a platform for applications such as atmospheric and thermosphere environmental research. Therefore, Dawn Aerospace’s new supersonic aircraft will be very useful for researchwhere the man aims to fly over the internationally recognized edge of space.

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