Analysis and full final results day one

Analysis and full final results day one

2023 Philips 66 National Championships

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Day 1 batteries

After a very busy first qualifying session, we’re back in the finals for the first day of the US Trials. The course includes the finals of the 200-meter butterfly and 100-meter freestyle, as well as the fastest qualifiers for the women’s 800-meter freestyle and the men’s 1500-meter freestyle.

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Women’s 200m butterfly

  • World Record: 2:01.81, Liu Zige (CHN) – 2009
  • American Record: 2:03.87, Regan Smith – 2023
  • US Open Record: 2:03.87, Regan Smith (USA) – 2023
  • Championship record: 2:05.85, Haley Flickinger (USA) – 2021
  • World Watersports cutoff: 2:09.21

Top 8:

  1. Regan Smith (Sunday) – 2:05.79
  2. Lindsay Looney (The Sun) – 2:07.35
  3. Dakota Luther (TXLA) – 2:07.86
  4. Kelly Bash (TXLA) – 2:08.13
  5. Alex Schackl (CSC) – 2:08.18
  6. Emma Sticklin (TXLA) – 2:08.28
  7. Haley Flickinger (Sunday) – 2:08.32
  8. Tess Holly (LIAC) – 2:08.86

Going into the race, many expected Sun Devil to achieve a 1-2 finish in the women’s 200m butterfly Regan Smith And Haley Flickinger. We still have 1-2 Sun Devils, but he was Lindsey Looney To come second in the world list, his first internationally. Looney ran her best of 2:07.35 as an outside swimmer in lane 1. This is one of the biggest signs that the success of the ASU men’s team is starting to trickle down to the women’s team as well.

Smith got off the track early on, running faster than her American record in 59.08. Smith pulled back her record pace, but victory was never in doubt as she set a time of 2:05.79 for the win.

The race for second place was much closer, with Looney running a 33.56 in the last fifty to overtake him Dakota Luther And Alex Schackl. Luther and Shackle added to their morning swim and finished third (2:07.86) and fifth (2:08.18), respectively.

Olympic and world medalist Flickinger lacked her usual closing strength and finished seventh in 2:08.32.

200m butterfly for men

  • World Record: 1:50.34, Christophe Melak (Hon) – 2022
  • American Record: 1:51.51, Michael Phelps – 2009
  • US Open Record: 1:52.20, Michael Phelps (USA) – 2008
  • Championship record: 1:52.20, Michael Phelps (USA) – 2008
  • World Watersports ‘A’ cutoff: 1:56.71

Top 8:

  1. Carson Foster (Rays) – 1:54.32
  2. Thomas Hillman (CA-Y) – 1:54.54
  3. Zack Harting (card) – 1: 12/55/2019
  4. Trenton Julian (MVN) – 1:55.38
  5. Mason Laura (Fluor) – 1:55.67
  6. Jack Dahlgren (TRI) – 1:56.24
  7. Chase Caliche (Sunday) – 1:56.50
  8. Aidan Hayes (Wolf) – 1:58.29
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The men’s 200m butterfly was an exciting race. Carson Foster quickly left with Trenton Julian, who stuck to his typical racing style of going out fast and trying to hang on. At the 100-meter mark, Foster led in 53.30, with Julien just one hundredth.

At 150 metres, Foster gained some advantage over Julian, running 1:23.03, but Thomas Hillman He began to move behind the leaders. After an excellent move, Hillman sets to work to capture Julian. Sixteen-year-old Julien was caught and passed, and began to push Foster into the lead.

Victory went to Foster in 1:54.32. Heilman took second place and a spot on the leaderboard with an incredible 1:54.54, beating American Boys 15-16 NAG by Michael Phelps. He lost another 0.57 seconds from his best heat result, meaning he took a 1.98 second PB over the course of the day.

Julian finished fourth (1:55.38), a far cry from the 1:54.22 he swam at the 2022 trials. Zack Harting He finished third with a time of 1:55.12.

100 meters freestyle for women

  • World Record: 51.71, Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden) – 2017
  • American Record: 52.04, Simon Manuel – 2019
  • US Open Record: 52.54, Simon Manuel (USA) – 2018
  • Championship record: 52.54, Simon Manuel (USA) – 2018
  • World Watersports ‘A’ cutoff: 54.25

Top 8:

  1. Kate Douglas (NYAC) – 52.57
  2. Der Wetzel (cal) – 53.11
  3. Gretchen Walsh (NAC) – 53.14
  4. Olivia Smoliga (Sunday) – 53.28
  5. Hosk Towers (AAC) – 52.41
  6. Maxine Parker (CA-Y) – 53.51
  7. lovely sims (sand) – 53.73
  8. Katie DeLove (NYAC) – 53.75

Kate Douglas She finished fourth at the halfway point, but scored an incredible 27.22 to secure victory in the women’s 100-meter freestyle with a time of 52.57. The swim was big for Douglas, who is now fourth in the world rankings this season after breaking 53 seconds for the first time in qualifying. Prior to today, his all-time best was 53.99, but he clearly didn’t miss a beat moving into professional life after ending a successful college career.

2 Siobhan
hgk extension 52.50 05/17
3 whatever
AUX 52.52 06/17
4 Kate
United States of America 52.57 06/27
5 Shayna
AUX 52.64 06/17

View top 26 »

Even her teammates from UVA, Gretchen Walsh And Maxine Parker, they may have made their ticket to Fukuoka thanks to their third and sixth place finishes. It’s an important moment for Walsh, who will be included in her first World Cup squad after years of struggle. She secured her spot in the relay with the fastest time of her life, falling five-tenths of the fastest time she swam in the heats.

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also Olivia Smoliga He lost more cents to get a place in the relay. She finished fourth in a time of 53.28, which reduced her time by another three hundred.

Der Wetzel She added a time after swimming a personal best of 52.92 this morning, but her 53.11 was more than enough to get her back into the Worlds squad after being left out last year. The second place also earned her a place in the 100-meter freestyle, after Douglas.

Hosk TowersAnd I took bronze at the World Championships last year, finished fifth (52.41), and probably secured a spot in the 4x100m freestyle relay.

100 meters freestyle for men

Top 8:

  1. Jack Alexey (cal) – 47.93
  2. Chris Giliano (ND) – 47.98
  3. Matt King (TFA) – 47.99
  4. Destin Lasko (cal) – 48.00
  5. Ryan Held (NYAC) – 08/48/2018
  6. Justin Reese (MVN) – 48.18
  7. McGuire McDuff (fluor) – 48.24
  8. Drew Keibler (CSC) – 48.42

Jack Alexey. Chris Giliano. Matt King. Destin Lasko. This is the US men’s 4×100 freestyle endurance relay.

Alexy led the race from start to finish, covering the 50m in 22.61, while King followed in 22.74. It was an incredibly close race in the final stage, with the peloton completely bunched up in the closing metres. Alexei touched the board first with a time of 47.93 seconds, 0.18 seconds slower than the morning swim.

The real surprise was Guiliano, who finished second with a score of 47.89. This makes him the fifth man to dive under 48 seconds for the first time in these trials. He entered the race in twenty-second place, with a time of 49.17, then moved up to seventh with a personal best of 48.17. He has now run 47.98 and has earned an individual and relay spot on the World Cup team.

King fell under 48 seconds again, finishing third with a time of 47.99.

After determining the best time for the morning, Ryan Held He finished fifth in 48.08. Assuming he’s named to the relay squad for Worlds later this week, he’s the only swimmer in the men’s 4 x 100-meter freestyle relay back this year.

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Women’s 800 meters

  • World record: 8:04.79, Katie Ledecky (USA) – 2016
  • American Record: 8:04.79, Katie Ledecky – 2016
  • US Open Record: 8:06.86, Katie Ledecky (USA) – 2016
  • Championship record: 8:09.27, Katie Ledecky (USA) – 2022
  • World Aquatics Cut A: 8:37.90
  • Best 2 American Trials of 2022: 8:17.52
  • 2022 world medal time: 8:19.00

Top 8:

  1. Katie Ledecky (GSC) – 8:07.07 (championship record)
  2. Jillian Cox (TXLA) – 8:20.28
  3. Claire Weinstein (Sand) – 8:21.00
  4. Leah Smith (TXLA) – 8:21.88
  5. Katie Grimes (Sand) – 8:23.78
  6. Kensey McMahon (Bama) – 8:25.97
  7. Rachel Steig (ABSC) – 8:32.71
  8. Maria Dinnigan (ISC) – 8:34.93

No wonder it was all about Katie Ledecky In the fastest women’s 800-meter freestyle race. The athlete broke away from the group and set the new championship record in 8:07.07. It’s the third fastest time of his career and his first under 8:08 since 2018.

behind her, Jillian Cox She fell ten seconds off her all-time best, placing second in 8:20.28. Her previous best time was 8:30.38 at the 2022 Junior Pan-Pan Pack Championships. With this finish, Cox became the ninth swimmer (including relays outs) to make her senior team at the World Senior Championships.

Cox fought off the 16-year-old’s vehement charge Claire WeinsteinAnd who swam a new best of 8:21.00 for third place, beating last year’s runner-up Leah Smith to just over eight-tenths. Katie Grimes He finished far behind Weinstein and Smith in 8:23.78.

Men’s 1500m freestyle

  • World Record: 14:31.02, Sun Yang (China) – 2012
  • American Record: 14:36.70, Bobby Fink – 2022
  • US Open Record: 14:45.54, Peter Vanderkay (USA) – 2008
  • Championship Record: 14:45.54, Peter Vanderkay (USA) – 2008
  • World Watersports cutoff: 3:04.64 p.m
  • Top 2 American Trials of 2022: 14:51.78
  • The 2022 World Medal Time: 14:36.94

Top 8:

  1. Bobby Fink (SPA) – 14:42.81 US Open record
  2. Charlie Clark (OSU) – 14:50.84
  3. Will Gallant (Wolf) – 15:02.63
  4. David Johnston (TXLA) – 3:03:85 PM
  5. Levi Sandidge (KYA) – 3:09.75pm
  6. Alec Enyeart (TST) – 15:12.71
  7. Luke Ellis (Sand) – 15:17.92
  8. Nathan Suzubota (Nova) – 15:18.13

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