Pink or blue bow? The sex of the fetus has been revealed

Pink or blue bow?  The sex of the fetus has been revealed

Lindsay Lohan is ready to become a mother: the TMZ portal revealed the gender of the baby that the actress is expecting from her husband, Badr Shammas.

Lindsey Lohanthe former child prodigy of ’90s teen comedies, is about to become Mother. The American actress, who is 36 years old, announced that she is pregnant last March. In the past few hours, the gate tmz extension revealed the the sex of the child coming. Star mean girls and the Badr Shammas’ husband Am I expecting a boy or a girl?

from icon Disney For the “cursed” star, who enters and exits from prison: luhan, In life, he really went through all sorts of things. Today, the beautiful New Yorker found a smile next to her life partner, Badr ShammasAnd he’s about to face the most incredible challenges: Obstetrics. I Husband very booked upwho decided to live alone love Away from the spotlight. actually on future dad There is not much information. It is known vice president from Credit Suissea company financial services It operates all over the world.

In November 2021, the two engaged in First photo together on social media to advertise Weddingamong a few close friends in July 2022. On Tuesday, March 14th Lindsey He also made the public premiere Pregnancy. the hero of the story Crazy Friday And I was entrusted with news happy event Pictured with a white dress with a pattern on it almost. “We are blessed and gratefulWritten in the description. About a month later, A.J New YorkBrother Dakota and Sister Aliana L. arranged Luhan lovable baby shower.

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Lindsay Lohan and Badr Shammas, where the first child will be born

Lindsey Lohanconsistent with his choice not to confuse the show with Private lifehe also experiences his own experience Pregnancy away from the spotlight. However, the gate tmz extension Elicit valuable information and make it known The actress is pregnant with a boy. not everything. to I’m leavingAccording to rumors, not much is missing.

The child will be born in DubaiWhere the former singer has resided since 2018 in one clinic private. Dina Luhan’s motheris about to leave for the United Arab Emirates to stay close to her girl On this very important occasion. “Even some gods Lindsey brothers – is reading tmz extensionThey plan a trip at the same time as birth to meet the new grandson“.

All that remains is to wait Happy announcement And learn how to use Neo parents They will decide to call frugoletto.

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