Alarm In Italy, a lot of malware has been released online: what’s happening?

Alarm In Italy, a lot of malware has been released online: what’s happening?

This is a very dangerous time for many users who are browsing the Internet after the release of various malware.

With the advent of technology, many processes have become much easier. Just think about the fact that we no longer have to stand in long queues outside the post office or bank because these are the operations that we can do from the comfort of our home.

Hacker attack: all the details –

But as often happens, for every positive there is also side of the coin. In fact, with technology, malicious people are increasingly spreading it through them Hacker attacksThey affect users’ sensitive data, exposing them to serious risk. This is what is happening now. There are several malwares that have infected the accounts of many users across Italy. But what is it in detail?

Alarm across Italy due to the spread of several malware via the Internet

It appears that Valve has officially confirmed this Some of the accounts of many developers on Steam have been subjected to a hacking attackattacks that were later exploited to benefit The spread of malware between the files of some games. A situation that seems not destined to stop yet.

Many accounts have been attacked by hackers
Hacking some Steam accounts –

In fact, Valve has specified that i The malware only affected some addresses Which is not particularly widespread. In fact, these are products that were installed by about 100 players, so this attack did not have a very wide scope.

In any case, the company tried to move towards this Stop worsening this situation So it could happen again. For this reason, starting next October 24, Every developer will have to pass a two-factor authentication check.

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This is a process that will work through a code that you will receive in text messages, and the developers will be required to register a phone number to complete this process. There are many Games affected by malware including NanoWar Cell vs Virus.

Confirmation of all this comes from author Benoit Freslon, who said that it was so Victim of malware that stole all his browser login details This gives hackers the opportunity to operate undisturbed on every service that was connected to it at the time of the attack

Through Valve’s measures, situations like this will likely not happen again in the future.

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