June 8, 2023

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Driver’s look for less than 100 euros, only in Bershka for Easter

The perfect biker look from Bershka – Modaeimmagine.it

With the new Bershka collection, you can recreate the perfect biker look without spending a fortune! These are the items that should not be missed.

there bikecore fashion It was one of the most important trends Estimated for fall-winter 2023 It appears to have been confirmed The hottest trend Also for this spring and why not show off Perfect look for motorcyclists Just for Easter?

On the other hand, the charm of the biker look captivates everyone. Sooner or later, we all feel the need to put on something nice Biker jacket, leather pants, tall boots And boast a Super brave and sensual look.

to make up More modern look You can also use a single item of clothing or accessory in biker style e Mix it with other directions For the time being, but for those who want to recreate a look as similar as possible to mine real bikersYou only need a few simple items.

a Stud, top and jeans: That’s all you need and in the new Bershka Spring Collectionthere are 3 items like this, in perfect biker style, for a rock look over the Easter holidays that are also low cost! Let’s see what they are.

original driver look

Day or evening wear? It does not matter if we think about the appearance of the ideal driver, the important thing is that it be present leather (or faux leather)then to the inevitable Super stout nail! That’s why Leather belt biker jacket (Ref. 6707/644/800, price 29.99 euros) certainly can not be missing inDriver locker. Slightly oversized, this tunic, complete with buckles and a belt, can be worn perfectly over a crop top or a corset.

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In the group there is a file Leather upper with strap detailing (Ref. 0252/352/400, price 25.99 euros) can make all your outfits very bold. You can then either continue the leather-effect line with black pants, but we recommend breaking up the look by adding denim, another perfect fabric for a biker look! perfection is 90’s flared jeans (The price is 29.99) in light blue, and they’ll be perfect for your adorable Easter party.

bershka biker look
Source Bershka – Modaeimmagine.it

Contemporary or classic biker fashion?

As we said, whoever wants it Mix more directionsYou can also choose one of these three items of clothing and enrich your outfit with it Biker style details. the Nail model jacketIt is, in fact, a coat that everyone should have in their wardrobe, and it really is a go-to piece for any occasion Make the look bolder.

the corset top We see that it is well combined with a file cargo pant Or a leather skirt, instead Conservative 90s style jeans We also see well recreate a file hippie look Along with T-shirts and blouses with floral printsyou can wear a nail It is only clear to The best combination Both directions and its perfect Biker look with a romantic touch.