Neon Prime, new details appear in Valve’s upcoming game

Neon Prime, new details appear in Valve’s upcoming game

It seems that Neon Prime it will be Valve’s next game Some have popped up New details About the project, which is a kind of competitive third-person shooter in the style of MOBA, which, as you know, has not yet been officially announced.

Exactly one year after Valve registered the Neon Prime trademark, it appears that insider Tyler McVicker has taken over New information about the game She revealed it in the video that you can find below.

According to McVicker, Neon Prime will be a PvP experience where classes and teams clash within Fully destructible mapsWith the aim of eliminating a large enemy stationed behind the opposing team’s base.

It will be for each category Different abilities and personalitiessimilar to Team Fortress 2, the setting will be sci-fi with lore close to that of DOTA, huge scenarios (there will be trains to ride to navigate) and the use of voxels for graphics.

Is a Neon Prime announcement coming soon?

According to Tyler McVicker, Valve’s announcement of Neon Prime It will be close nowAs the company recently revamped the brand and faced a second approval process related to the same project.

In short, despite the slowness and missed opportunities, it seems that game development at Valve is still progressing.

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