March 24, 2023

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‘Ndrangheta: 45 Million Assets Confiscated Between Italy and the USA – Chronicle

In the provinces of Reggio Calabria, Milan, Messina, Bari and Florida (United States), agents of the Central Anti-Crime Service and the Anti-Crime Division of the Police Headquarters of Reggio Calabria are executing an order for the forfeiture of assets, corporate assets and financial relations, with a total value of 45 million euros, believed to be attributed to two brothers from Active entrepreneurs in the construction and real estate brokerage sectors.

“The Central Crime Control Directorate of the State Police has been implementing for years a strategy aimed at targeting illicit assets amassed by the mafia, using both criminal forfeiture operations and asset prevention measures,” said the State Department’s Central Crime Control Director. State Police, Francesco Messina. Since 2019, assets of more than 650 million euros have been cleared throughout the national territory from the ‘Ndrangheta alone, which according to the police is the most dangerous mafia organization, both from a military and economic point of view.

“Thanks to the operational synergy between traditional and inheritance investigations, the fight against mafia organizations does not stop at the military apparatus – thus suppressing crimes such as extortion, arms and drug trafficking – but rather affects the wealth accumulated thanks to the activities of the crimes, functional for the survival of criminal organizations.”

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