A swarm of “AI-piloted drones” – Time

A swarm of “AI-piloted drones” – Time

The United States is working to be able to deliver powerful strikes to enemies. like? By creating AI-guided drones capable of attacking simultaneously. If the idea becomes a reality, Washington’s armed forces will have the opportunity to exploit technology and artificial intelligence and connect them to aircraft that are changing many theaters of war. As Inside Over reported, “During a conference held last August 28 at the National Defense Industrial Association, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks explained that Washington is working on a massive drone program that would allow the US military to locate and strike 1,000 targets.” In just 24 hours using cheap drones.”

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The US Department of Defense intends to create thousands of economic unmanned aerial vehicles between now and 2025. Hicks explained that the project aims to confront China with a “mass” of drones and deploy a “more flexible” army. As the magazine reported, “The Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit will oversee these efforts, working with non-traditional technology and defense companies to accelerate the development process.” According to what it turns out, the initiative could also include an unmanned underwater vehicle program “to be integrated with the US Navy’s interoperability.”

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Artificial intelligence will play a major role in this plan, as expected. It was the New York Times that devoted an in-depth analysis of the American “Valkyrie” program. The Air Force’s Xq-58q Valkyrie is a rocket-powered drone that can fly as far as the width of China. But this is not enough. This aircraft features a stealth design and is capable of carrying missiles capable of hitting enemy targets outside its range of vision.

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