Qatar opens its doors to gays in the 2022 World Cup | News

Qatar opens its doors to gays in the 2022 World Cup |  News

CEO Nasser Al-Khater responds to Australian footballer Cavallo: “He is welcome, but no kisses in public.”

Wrestling Organizing Committee of World Cup Qatar 2022, through its CEO Nasser Al-Khater, opened the door for homosexuals in the upcoming World Cup. “Josh Cavallo is welcome in Qatar, no one feels insecure about us. But public displays of emotion, which is frowned upon. It’s the only indicator to be respected, otherwise everyone can live their own lives.” her words. The response came directly to the Australian footballer who appeared last month adding that he would be “afraid to go play” the first World Cup in an Arab country, where homosexuality is likely to be punished by death.

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In recent days, the British League Kick It Out has accused Qatar TV broadcaster BeIn Sport of fueling homophobia by calling on Premier League footballers to boycott the rainbow laces initiative because homosexuality is “incompatible” with Islam. Al-Khater, in an interview with CNN and The Independent, spoke about the status of rights in light of the upcoming World Cup, adding that “homosexuals can come to Qatar like any other fan – and they can act like everyone else. What I’m saying, simply ., is that From the point of view of emotional perception in public, our society is a conservative society.”

According to Islamic law, homosexuality is also punishable by death, but human rights associations note that there is no evidence of executions for this reason. Same-sex marriages, civil marriages and advertising are prohibited in any case. Al-Khater concluded by saying, “We know that the World Cup is a possible stage for protests over these issues, but we are not worried.”

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