Napoli and Calzona are already accused: a surprise ruling

Napoli and Calzona are already accused: a surprise ruling

After an excellent draw with Barcelona, ​​new coach Calzona's Napoli drew poorly against Cagliari.

The draw with Barcelona was achieved thanks to a goal Victor Osimhen, gave Azzurri fans hope. But unfortunately, after only 4 days, the bad mood began to set in again, exhausted by this apparent lack of continuity.

Napoli were not very dangerous against Cagliari, and even after scoring the first goal, again with Osimhen, the team was not convincing. First Politano, then Simeone, two clear occasions on which the Azzurri sought personal glory rather than finishing the match, and they were punished by the exciting naivety of Juan Jesus, and respect for the oldest rule in the world, which is to give the wrong goal and concede goals.

“We should have continued with Mazzari,” the journalist's thought shocked everyone

There was no shortage of criticism directed at the team, especially the Brazilian defender, who even had to limit comments to his personal profile due to the many insults he received. Insults followed by moments of protest were witnessed outside the Konami Center and spread across social media by our editorial staff. In fact, Lindstrom and Merritt were schooled by some of the fans in attendance, who called on them to commit more.

It is not an easy situation for the team and the new coach CalzoneHis first experience leading the club as a first coach. The Slovakia coach, with whom he qualified for Euro 2024, was clear after Cagliari: “The physical condition exists, but the problem is psychological.”Aware of the difficulties that the Italian champion is going through.

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Among these changes, according to some insiders, including Rafael Auriemma, there will also be those resulting from the third coaching change. The famous journalist from Campania, a little surprising everyone, expressed himself like this in front of microphones Tilly A:

“We are back at the top, despite another revolution that De Laurentiis wanted. Many, many, were thrilled with the draw with Barcelona, ​​and commented positively on the performance of the Azzurri, saying that the coach's hand can already be seen. Calzone for ruin? “In my opinion “We had to continue with Mazzarri until the end of the tournament: we could not have performed much better or worse. Then Osimhen came back, and let him play with the coach who was there for three months.”

Walter Mazzarri, now former Napoli coach – (La Presse) –

A surprise exit for Auriemma, who would then continue with Mazzarri, despite an almost relegation-like trend from the Tuscan emergence onwards.

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