A new paradigm for understanding the brain may lead to more accurate diagnoses

A new paradigm for understanding the brain may lead to more accurate diagnoses

A study published in the journal “Trends in cognitive science'Indicates that the new model SynergisticProvides a better understanding of the human mind, body and environment. This new model It opens the door to integrating multiple levels of brain pathology, to make more accurate and personalized diagnoses In addition to identifying new treatments that are more suitable for each patient's needs.

This new model It takes into account the functioning of the brain holistically and analyzes different coordination mechanisms in brain areas based on different mathematical and computational models. In addition, synergy is related to the naturalistic perspective that influences human perception and behavior conditioned by the environment.

Thanks to the synergistic framework, diversity and heterogeneity in phenotypes will be better understood and addressed Wikimedia Commons

New model

The study published in Trends in Cognitive Science has a representation of a university in Catalonia, e.g Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). The lead researcher of the study and co-author of the article, Gustavo DecoAnd Director of the Computational Neuroscience Group at the UPF Center for Brain and Cognition. Deco collaborated with Agustín Ibáñez, director of the Latin American Brain Health Institute at the Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile, the study's lead author, and Morten L. Kringelbach, also a co-author and director of the Center for Happiness and Humanity. Prosperity linked to Oxford University.

This new synergistic model It contributes to clarifying the various complex interactions that exist between the hierarchical structure of the brain and the various cognitive functions of humans. A fact that could help elucidate the various neural mechanisms underlying some cognitive processes and brain diseases. Thanks to this synergy, we will be able to understand and address the diversity and heterogeneity of phenotypes in a better way and obtain a more complete and accurate view of the causes of brain diseases, for each individual patient, a fact that opens the door to the design of personalized treatments and cures.

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Synergy Integrates different diagnostic models into one. It is a fact that will help overcome the fragmented research approaches that have so far dominated the field of neuroscience and that make it difficult to determine the causes of psychiatric or neurological diseases, because it will now be possible to identify common mechanisms that exist between psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Social and environmental factors that can influence brain activity are also analysedThis contributes to overcoming the lack of strategies currently available in the field of neuroscience.

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