Chiesa responds to Mertens, Allegri at -3 from Atalanta quarta-

From Paolo Tomaselli

A point in the game of controversy, perhaps even the last: both teams play with intensity, adrenaline and electricity. The Blues move to 5 points from Milan and 6 from Inter. Dybala sees himself again

Are they playing? A matter of a surreal day, A question mark remains in the air until the warm-up before the match due to the infection that afflicted Napoli. And yes – after the triangle ASL, Napoli1-Napoli2-Turin, on the use of three Azzurri in quarantine – Juventus and Napoli play and play: strong, adrenaline and electricity for those who dance to the chaos, enjoy it. a team Spalletti (absent from Covid, c’ Domenichini) transcends the absolute emergency and surreal contours of these days, Take the lead with Mertens, resists the return of Juventus after Chiesa’s goal at the beginning of the second half and in the end turns the question mark into a fixed point, almost a limit: After the 9 points awarded to Juventus in 5 matches, Napoli tied for the gold medal Which holds 5 lengths between six players.

For Allegri the return of Kiza and Dybala (in the last half hour) and the rest is not enough The technician repeated this until a few minutes before taking the field: The break and the sheer uncertainty of the evening pose a danger to his team, which, not surprisingly, remains stuck in limbo. If Madama suffers with the provincial teams, Napoli plays like this with spirit, but with the quality of the game system: only scoring points on the field and progressing.

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With eight absent from Covid And the African Cup and with Ghulam title after ten monthsSpallettini’s team drives all the warning lights on the dashboard: eyes open, caution, but also clarity in the face of Juve’s aggressiveness. Allegri without Chiellini, Bonucci and Pellegrini, is now more reliable than Sandro, but finds Chiesa full of energy again. Within a few minutes, Blue, along with McKinney and Rabbit, puts Ospina and his comrades under pressure. Juve, with a kind of crying 4-5-1, aren’t very streamlined either because they didn’t get the same thrust from the wings, they almost everything they made and pressed lazily. Napoli gains meters with the movement of the ball and takes advantage of the black and white inactivity. Insigne Politano catches in the area a great ball, is well managed from the outside, which is already crucial in the first leg: Unloading for Mertens making a great move and passing a billiard ball diagonally between Sandro, Rugani and de Ligt. Juve’s reaction was so muddled that Szczesny saved Zelensky’s strike. The tension also rises because Souza is blowing a few whistles.

Bernardeschi-Cheza exchanged positions Allegri moved to return for the first match: a break from Cuadrado sends McKinney to the bottom, Rahmani nods with his head, Chiesa rushes towards the ball and shoots from the edge, finding Lobotka’s spin. Napoli (Szczesny mura Mertens) responded and entering Dybala, Kean and Kulusevski only fired Ospina on the Argentine. Too little to win a Champions League playoff. They were more or less all owners – Allegri sketches -. We were in a hurry to shoot, but the boys didn’t pay for the weird night. In fact, the mistake of underestimating an opponent is nothing new.

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