February 5, 2023

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Record night and Aimar tears, the superstar Messi makes Argentina dream again: ‘It’s a new beginning |’ first page

Trapped, Argentina is holding on again… Messi. La Pulce at the moment he needed it most for his team, for his teammates, but even for an entire nation, he carried everyone on his shoulders with his left foot into the corner. He lifted an enormous weight off Seleccion’s shoulders, and he rocks until the 64th minute of the game from inside or outside Mexico. He succeeded in rendering the entire white team sterile.

tears – It was understood that tension was building at goal time, especially on the bench Choose They almost went down 0-0 because they didn’t want to open it up and that was about to destroy a candidate’s dream. And it is no coincidence that Pablo Aimar, the deputy of Scaloni and the historical flag of the national team, burst into tears on the bench after the 1-0 goal.

records – Record-breaking goal and match, because with the help of Enzo Fernandez, Messi stands as the oldest player ever, 35 years and 155 days to score and assist in a World Cup after also being the youngest all time (18 years and 357 days). A record match and night also because it brings Leo closer than Diego to Maradona Which for Messi is an idol and a heavy shadow, and today it is less remote. With today’s goal Messi He achieved the goal of Pepe de Oro in the World Cup (8) as he achieved it in the number of matches (21) in the World Cup in the Argentine jersey. “we’re back” – In times of need, a cry revives a dream. Messi is what all of Argentina expects, and Leo confirmed this in the press conference: “It was a match in which it was difficult to take the lead, because Mexico is playing so well. We knew we had to win today, and we were contingent on the first match. We knew that Another World Cup has to start for us today and that’s how it was. We can’t make any more mistakes.”

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