Multiplayer can be free with microtransactions –

the multiplayer From The last of us 2 can be Free to play with Precise transfer, at least according to a recent job posting from software house Naughty Dog. At the moment, little or nothing is known about the project. At first it was said that it should have been released a few months after the base game, but the rumors at the time were clearly not very accurate or, simply put, the game was changed in the race to become something else.

Be that way, in Naughty Dog job posting page The position is open as a “lead monetization/economy designer” which should accurately refer to the multiplayer in The Last of Us 2, even if the game is never directly mentioned. An alternative would be the second online Naughty Dog game in development, which we think is highly unlikely.

The announcement is looking for someone to embark on the creation of the first multiplayer title for Naughty Dog released in a standalone form (and thus not an add-on mode for The Last of Us 2). If set, the candidate will have to help create a “player-friendly” game economy, which means everything and nothing at this point, because it doesn’t exist yet (we’ll see how it will be implemented). We are of course talking about a system liquefaction, like the attendees of every free game (and not only).

The presence of microtransactions indicates that Naughty Dog wants to enter the live weight services market, such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone and Halo Infinite multiplayer. Incidentally, the latter was also released as free to play, as opposed to the single-player campaign that had to be purchased separately. The use of such powerful intellectual property as The Last of Us is not accidental, as it will immediately guarantee a large influx of players.

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