The environment, science and the state are idols of a new religion

The environment, science and the state are idols of a new religion

Ecology, scientism, and the state demand heavier sacrifices than the ancient faith, and draw in the sky of the unquestioned values ​​of the constellation the guiding power of the other constellations of faith that are now in decline.

Contrary to what we know a lot, We are not witnesses to the demise of religion, but rather witnesses to the slow adoption of a new religion. The summits of at least three “icebergs” begin to emerge from this new religious umbrella that holds and keeps existing society together. We realize this by paying little attention to both public and private discourse. At a certain point, among the many divisions, one encounters issues from which bitter struggles can also arise, but no one dares to go upstream.

Often, it is sufficient to evoke the natural environment and the sacred character of the (supposed) order of nature to satisfy consent. It is clear that we are not referring to the right warning of the climate emergency. Rather, it is the fact that It is increasingly rare to find one who questions the belief that there is order in the natural environment around us, and that it should be referred to as the highest. Even the value of human freedom today is being asked to take a few steps off the podium and make room for an environmental orthodoxy that claims to free its theses from any criticism.

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