Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian promises new cross-play features

The tyrannical procession continues Baldur’s Gate 3 Which, among many new features, will sooner or later have the possibility of supporting cross-play, according to Larian.

the Massive RPG from Larianwhich now also has one Complete guide that you can find on Amazonis a product that is constantly evolving thanks to the support of the development team.

As for Xbox versionwhich the team is also working on to find a solution to the split-screen issue on Xbox Series S. during the release PlayStation 5 It’s been around for a few hours, and despite some minor issues, it’s already found fertile ground in the community.

Baldur’s Gate 3 It actually came easily Better game on PS5 for the year, with a very high Metacritic score that matches what happened on PC.

However, although there will be crus progress Confirmed on all platforms with saves that can be imported between them PC, PS5 and XboxThere is currently no support for cross-play.

Due to nature too multiplayer From the title, it’s unfortunate that you can’t play cross-platform, but that won’t always be the case.

As mentioned VGC extensionIn fact, Larian has plans Inclusion of cross-play in the future.

This was revealed on Studio Managing Editor Michael Dossin a recent interview, explaining that the feature was never forgotten:

“It was always planned, but we knew it wasn’t going to be there at launch. “It’s on the schedule, and while we have an idea of ​​when we’d like it to be ready, we don’t want to set a date until we’re sure.”

Good news for those who might He will go inside Baldur’s Gate 3 sometimes And he will be able to play freely with users of all platforms.

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The above mentioned Xbox version The game will actually be published by the end of the year, to complement all current generation platforms.

While all Larian is already looking to the future With her next game, as revealed recently.

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