Mrs. Zelensky, Appealing to the US Congress

Mrs. Zelensky, Appealing to the US Congress

Tough, decisive, resolute. And so the Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska presented herself to the US Congress, which applauded and applauded her for a long time. He read his letter, thanked the United States, demanded an intensification of aid to his country, and showed some dramatic images of war, victims, and even children.

It was not just a heartbreaking message but the culmination of a truly international diplomatic mission. “Russia is killing us and the United States is saving us,” he said.

Mrs. Zelensky made a sincere appeal to US parliamentarians. We need air defense systems. Not to attack another country in its territory but to defend ourselves against attacks so that Ukrainian children are not killed in their wheelchair. “The war is not over. The horror continues, and I appeal to you all on behalf of the dead, on behalf of those who lost arms and legs, on behalf of those who are still alive and those who are waiting for their families to return from the front.”

Passion and anger when the president’s wife told stories of ordinary madness and the tragedy of war. “This is Lisa – he said, while pictures of a little girl appeared behind him – whom I met before Christmas, affectionate, cheerful. He was only four years old and no longer with us. A Russian missile killed her on July 14. Mom is serious. And no one has yet dared to tell her about her daughter’s departure. “And then other stories, and another drama. Ivan was five years old and was killed by a Russian missile along with his grandmother. The story of the sixteen victims of the attack on the Kremenchuk shopping center in late June. “How many other stories like this do we still have to see?”

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Zelenska, like her husband four months ago, referred to the events of September 11, saying, “Unfortunately, the United States knows firsthand what terrorist attacks are and has always tried to defeat terrorism,” and she finally asked, thank you. American aid will be able to “win together in the name of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” in reference to the words of the 1776 American Declaration of Independence. “This is what I ask and what my husband asks, not as a presidential couple, but as parents and children of their parents. For we want all to be able A father and every mother who says to their children: ‘Go to sleep in peace. There will be no more air strikes and no more missile strikes. Is it too great a wish?’

After meetings with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and private conversation with Jill Biden, wife of the US President, a speech full of meaning and substance. Another sign of the strong axis between Ukraine and the United States. Another response to Putin’s plan to unite “rogue states” against NATO.

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