An extensive cannabis trafficking network is located in Tariga and Puygros

An extensive cannabis trafficking network is located in Tariga and Puygros

the Mossos de Escodra And the The Customs Control Service of the Tax Authority Yesterday morning they carried out a comprehensive raid against cannabis drug trafficking in Catalonia, resulting in the arrest of 30 people, and included searches in Tárriga and Puygros, among other places.

The detainees are linked to the landing of a quantity of hashish last week in the Maresme region, in which a record number of more than eight tons was confiscated. It is also linked to other landings on the Costa Brava.

In the capital Urgell, the search was carried out in the early hours of the morning at a warehouse in Carrer Tramuntana, in the Riambao province. It appears that they were searching for stolen cars, according to this newspaper. Two people were arrested in Buigros, according to reliable sources. The operation was carried out mainly in central Catalonia, with entries in Manliu, Torello and Sant Hippolyte de Voltrega (Osuna).

Searches were also carried out in Roses (Alt Empordà), in addition to the cities of Lleida. In total, there were 11 searches in an operation that involved up to 200 police officers from the investigation areas, ARRO, BRIMO, Special Intervention Group (GEI), Air Unit, Canine and Citizen Security. At least eight people were arrested in Manliu and four homes were searched.

In one house, four people were arrested, in two others, and in the other two houses, one person was taken from each. In addition, the police confiscated some boxes from inside the homes.

It is worth noting that Mossos d’Esquadra unwound a position two weeks ago Marijuana logistics in Lleida after a kidnapping resulting from a drug attack in a warehouse run by a criminal organization. They made a total of eight arrests.

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