Ukraine, HIMARS Weapon of Change: Kyiv Wants More But the US …

Ukraine, HIMARS Weapon of Change: Kyiv Wants More But the US …

Arrive in Ukraine from Early HIMARs, the sophisticated and sophisticated multiple rocket launchers introduced by the Americans, had already changed the games on Earth. from the war. But Kyiv would like to have at least a hundred, perhaps equipped with longer-range munitions, such as Atacms (Army Tactical Missile System) that can hit targets at a distance of 300 km. Washington’s standing now, while there are those who warn that a window of opportunity to defeat the Russian invasion now exists.

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At the moment, with the new four announced on Friday, we have a total of 16 Hemers. London and Berlin have promised three other similar regimes. With these weapons, the Ukrainians have already destroyed Russian ammunition depots. The results are seen immediately. The Russian bombing is “ten times less” than before, said Bohdan Dmitruk, a battalion commander of the Ukrainian army’s 93rd mechanized brigade, adding that the average number of soldiers with head injuries is one a week, compared to two to three. To the day before Himars. He assures that the Russians will have to move the sediments on their lands, beyond the reach of Hamar, which has a range of 80 kilometers.

In addition to being accurate at hitting targets, himars move very quickly, making them difficult to spot. Ukrainians say the Russians failed to destroy even one, despite Moscow’s claim to the contrary.

“For an effective counterattack, at least 100” and higher-range munitions are needed, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, speaking of HIMARS via a video link with the Atlantic Council, said. But for now, the United States remains cautious. US President Joe Biden wants to avoid escalation and has said he does not want to send weapons with a range to strike Russian territory. But the Ukrainians replied that the Atak-equipped Himar forces would allow them to position themselves farther from the front line, and protect the lives of the soldiers.

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In the background there is also a debate about what the American goal is. Support the Ukrainians to expel the Russians from their lands, or simply put Kyiv in a better position to negotiate a ceasefire. Meanwhile, analyst Alina Polyakova, head of the Center for European Policy Analysis, warns that there is now a four- to six-month window of opportunity to change the course of the war. And that we cannot wait long to decide on a shipment of weapons that could represent a “game changer”.

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