Cagliari 1-1 Turin, Juric: “There are regrets, his performance is lower than usual”

At the end of Cagliari Turin, Ivan jurisprudence Sky and Dazen spoke to comment on his away tie, then spoke at the press conference. “We had three to four goals at the end where we could have done better – Juric said after the match. But we wanted to go a step further in terms of playing and we were underperforming, a lot less. I’ve seen some exhausted kids who struggled to develop the game. In the last twenty minutes we broke up and created a lot. There’s definitely a bit of regret for the three clear recordings he’s got. The team was more tired and less clear, we could have played better.”

Is it possible for you to use it?

Yes and no, I think we had a clear scoring at the end to put the ball in. But I have to be honest, there was a small step backwards in the game. Sure they are tired, but we are still under construction. We did less than usual – Roma, Empoli, Udinese – and then in the last few minutes we made a lot more.”

What’s your regret under the necktie?

I’m sorry we didn’t score any goals. There he was winning because of the chances created, but my regret is still Empoli, the game remains against Lazio with the last penalty kick, with Venice… Four or five more games the team deserved to win. This match was tough, and the players were growing on many things. Sometimes there’s a step back, it’s a process. We need to get the energy back and become a full team. We will improve and I am convinced that we will succeed.

Before the match he said he was surprised by Cagliari’s position in the standings, is he still surprised looking at tonight’s result?

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There are top level players: Joao Pedro, Dalbert, Keita, Marin … important players, then the league is hard, tough, difficult and sometimes turns out badly. When you see the Cagliari team, you are surprised by the positions, precisely because they have important players. Then the tournament is always tough.”

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