De Winter to Genoa, sold by Juventus: the deal is done, the details

De Winter to Genoa, sold by Juventus: the deal is done, the details

Juventus And Genoa They find agreement to dewinter. The deal has been in the air for days now This materialized with the two clubs providing the last details before reaching a final agreement. The boy arrived in town to undergo medical examinations and sign a contract that would bind him to the griffin.

An important operation for the two clubs: The Rossopolis has ensured a young prospect for growth, however Empoli In Serie A, he showed excellent qualities, while the Bianconeri have the potential to give up a tidy sum with his sale. Many clubs applied for the Belgian including Everton, Lille, Sassuolo And Udinesebut the Ligurians managed to snatch him out of the competition.

De Winter Genoa, details of the negotiations

to dewinter It’s time to start a new adventure and it will be up to him to show his qualities with Griffin’s Serie A jersey. The operation closed on loan with a recovery commitment of 10 million under certain conditions. In red and blue You will find the central Dragosinwho was replaced by the Liguria club last summer, in addition to him in Genoa There is also vulgar Another player who grew up in it Black and White with what Gilardino He can compose all the previous three Juventus.

After an excellent season with the shirt Empoliabove all in performance vs Inter And Milan in San Siro Where did you stop before Lautaro and then Jerrod, not the latest arrivals. Continuous growth started directly from the youth sector in Juventus So first touch a file Next generation Then the first appearance with the first team in the Champions League. dewinter He was part of that group of players that the Bianconeri belong to They managed to grow at home by giving a strong signal regarding the team’s second season. Now a new path has been opened for him in the Italian League and in the Genoa shirt.

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