European Athletics Championships: double in the half marathon, Kripa Duro leads Riva – Altri Sport

European Athletics Championships: double in the half marathon, Kripa Duro leads Riva – Altri Sport

Victory for Italy in the half marathon in Rome, with Yemane Kripa winning gold in 1:01.03 and Riva taking silver just behind him to complete the double. This double success brings the number of Italian medals at the European Athletics Championships in Rome to 13 medals, which is a record.

Enthusiasm is growing for the 2024 Rome Athletics Championships, with Italy already having won 13 medals, including 7 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze. The Italian champions won the Olympic Stadium on the first two nights of the European Championships, which will remain forever imprinted in the history of Italian athletics. And this morning another double of gold and silver reached the half marathon thanks to Yemane Kripa and Pietro Riva, who also deserve the team title. Furthermore, to allow young people to participate in this event, there is a promotion dedicated to them active: persons under 18 years of age and their companions can purchase Curve e Distinti tickets for 5 euros for the remaining four scheduled evening sessions. The ‘Last Call’ offer also continues on all other tickets and season tickets on sale at a 40% discount.

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Kripa is happy with the gold and confident in Paris

“I was very excited about the race here in Rome, I am very happy. Reaffirming that the gold medal was difficult, because of the climate and the tension, I felt a little uncomfortable in my side but I am happy to bring it home. Now we move forward, convinced of the choice of path, and I now hope to speak “A great performance at the Olympics and a marathon could be within my reach.” This is how Yamane Kripa won the half marathon gold at the European Championships in Rome, on Rai’s microphones after winning. Then, in the moment that Italian athletics is experiencing, Crippa admits that “the results made us understand that we had to wake up, and that anyone who can bring home medals cannot be wrong. Other days’ medals encourage you, but they also encourage you.” “Give a little pressure,” he continues.

To complete the Italian ceremony, there is also the silver medal of Pietro Riva who emphasized that this was “the best moment of my career. I lost by a great friend and I am happy that he won. I did not expect to win in second place, I knew that I was better on the road than on the track.” “During the race I felt good and in the end I told myself to go and get the medal. When you have Stefano Baldini as your guide, something will happen,” concludes the Italian.

Tampere, it’s all Paris but I have to win here

Gianmarco Tamperi, on his first jump, earned the pass to the high jump final by clearing the bar at 2.21 metres. “It was a simple qualification, here I want to win, maybe with blue on the right and left on the podium,” his words at the end of qualifying that also brought Lando and Sutil to the final. Sarah Fantini also performed well in the hammer throw, reaching 72.28 metres, which qualified her for the second general standard final. The performances of Emmanuel Ehimeji and Andrea Della Valle, who qualified for the triple jump final, were also excellent, as was the performance of Tobia Pukki, who was the second eliminated with a time of 16.43s, but then withdrew to wait about 20 minutes on the springboard. Platform for a problem with the counter, a wait that affected the athlete. On the other hand, Petorossi will qualify for the 200m semi-finals thanks to a time of 20:56, two hundredths of a second off his personal best, catching up with Torto and Desallo. Linda Olivieri also qualified for the semi-finals in the women’s 400 hurdles, as did Lambroghi and Bertoncelli in the men’s race.

“I’m very well, for me this is the first race of the year. I did my best at the Paris Olympics but obviously I have to win here first. I’m in great physical condition, and I’m participating for the first time in the European Championships. “It’s not easy at all “But I jump great, I’m confident, I know I feel great, and with this crowd and the Italian team performing so well, I can only achieve a great result.” These are Tampere’s words in his speech to Ray after qualifying for the high jump final. Then, regarding With the Italian team’s results worthy of a record number of medals, Tampere admits that “they started great, and even more than that, they are scary.” I thank them, but I don’t have much to do with all this. “It’s all thanks to their willpower and desire to participate. I can share their mentality in achieving goals, but it’s all thanks to the team.”

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