Discover a new dinosaur: no one else was his size. An impressive understatement

Discover a new dinosaur: no one else was his size.  An impressive understatement
Long-necked dinosaur

Studies continue discoveries about prehistoric times, a new dinosaur has been discovered: the longest neck ever found

Research and studies in prehistoric times, onAge of the dinosaurs. The world goes on and the direction of time is always the direction of a one-way arrow that extends to infinity. However, new discoveries about the age these giant creatures lived in continue to emerge.

This time we talk about it Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum, A dinosaur lived after him 160 million years ago In the present territory of China. The physical properties that were found meant that it was seen as a discovery of the moment as no specimens of this size had been discovered yet.

According to the scientists, it would be the species with the longest neck of all, which would also surpass all late Jurassic fossil records. neck measures 15 metres. A giant that is difficult even to imagine, the size of a building. The international research team in New York worked closely with the Department of Reptile Fossils at the Natural History Museum in London.

The research that led to the discovery of the length of the dinosaur’s neck, the team’s work was phenomenal

It was precisely from this union that the idea of ​​contacting the Zigong Dinosaur Museum, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutes arose. On his way to doing a recap of what the studies have been like on the classification of the genus Mamenchisaurus, this behemoth came up. The first specimen was discovered by paleontologists in 1987, also in China.

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They managed to find a few vertebrae, the jaw and some parts of the skull. an idea to compare The anatomical characteristics of this specimen with the most complete and related sauropods, mean so Scientists were able to estimate the length of the neck.

Long-necked dinosaur –

How did long-necked dinosaurs behave, and how did these dinosaurs behave

To allow the existence of such long necks, The skeleton of these specimens was particularly light, with hollow bones and with Air bags to aid breathing and displacement of large volumes of air throughout the oral cavity up to the neck and lungs.

The long neck also allowed him Access to food that other species could never eat This has also allowed it to evolve over time. Also, the movement of the neck was not very fluid, imagine how difficult it was to move all those muscles, slow movements did not indulge in bending down (so it was difficult to see a long neck bending down, they preferred to collect food on trees).

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