Djokovic defeated in court: he should be expelled from Australia

Djokovic defeated in court: he should be expelled from Australia

Novak Djokovic towards his expulsion from Australia. The three federal judges who were summoned to rule in the tennis player’s case expressed themselves in favor of the decision by which the government revoked the visa of the 34-year-old Serbian tennis player.
. The three presiding judges – James Olsop, Anthony Pisanko and David O’Callaghan – spoke unanimously.

Djokovic’s visa was officially revoked yesterday by the Minister of Immigration, Aix Hook. The 34-year-old, from Belgrade, who had not yet arrived in Melbourne, with an exemption from the coronavirus vaccine, spent the night at the Park Hotel, an illegal immigrant facility where he was booked after arriving in Melbourne, when his visa was issued. Ruling on irregular checks at the airport.

Pending the conclusion of the story, the Australian Open has released the program for the first day: Djokovic, along with compatriot Miomir Kekmanovic in the first round, should theoretically play in the evening program on Monday, January 17th at Rod Laver Arena.

at the hearing, Djokovic’s lawyers described Minister Hook’s decision as ‘illogical’.According to the government member, the tennis player’s stay in the country could fuel the trend not to play sports in Australia. “It is illogical to consider only this possibility” and without considering that “anti-fax-donation sentiment could be the result of coercive actions by the state with visa revocation and deportation,” said attorney Nick Wood. According to the lawyer, Hook’s decision could not have been motivated by the belief that Djokovic’s “presence” could pose a “substantial public health risk” in Australia. In such a context, the cancellation of the visa will become an “irrational reaction” to the athlete’s attitude to vaccination. Among other things, according to Wood, Djokovic would never have spoken out against the vaccine, and if he did, “he did it in a very special way.”

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The government, through its lawyer, confirmed the final position. Attorney Stephen Lloyd once again stressed the impact that Djokovic’s stay could have. The Serb, who said he was cured of Covid in mid-December, had disrespectful behavior in the days following the infection, as evidenced by the content posted on his social channels. “The minister felt that Djokovic’s presence in Australia would lead people to imitate his apparent lack of respect for security measures,” Lloyd said. “People refer to high-profile athletes to promote ideas and causes. I am not saying ‘Djokovic’ supports a cause. But his relationship to that cause, whether intentionally or not, is still clear. Being in Australia can be a risk.”

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