Inter and Fratesse as a winger: Inzaghi’s latest thoughts

Dumfries is out, Cuadrado is not ready yet, Darmian can serve in defence: Here are the solutions for Appiano

One idea leads to another, and one invention calls for a new invention. Defender Carlos Augusto is already on file, but Inter have not stopped dealing with the emergency. Then we have to find a solution. Simone Inzaghi believes Davide Fratesi is a midfielder, in the role for Dumfries, as Cuadrado cannot play a full game yet. Transformations are underway, Inter are turning out to be practical and multi-purpose. Out of necessity, sure, but also out of situation.


The path must be followed. Because inference must be done on a large scale. Inter are clearly having difficulty with men in defense and on the right wing. He also faces nine crucial days: after Udinese, the calendar says Real Sociedad for first place in the Champions League and the trip to Roma against Lazio, the only major hurdle in the tournament until the end of 2023. Inzaghi never thinks ahead with turnover. But if you imagine that the best possible eleven will share the field with the Basques and at the Olimpico, on the contrary, some small variations on the theme will be possible on Saturday against Udinese. Take Darmian for example: he’ll need to catch his breath, too. He is not sure he has this potential, also because his presence may be essential in defence. In that area, Inzaghi will have Bastoni back, who is unlikely to play from the first minute on Saturday. The interwoven game, which also includes the assumption of Pesek and the confirmation of Carlos Augusto as a defensive arm, does not necessarily allow Darmian to play out wide, as logic would dictate. This is where the idea of ​​Fratesi’s comprehensive exterior was born. The midfielder has the physical attributes to play this role, and has already done so in the past, even during his younger days at Roma. This will not be new to him. It would certainly be in favor of Inter and Inzaghi, a coach accustomed to experience. His ability to find solutions is one of the qualities that the club values ​​most: the coach knows how to combine technical needs and read the characteristics of individual players. The list of champions for whom Inzaghi has sewn up a new position (in no particular order) is long: Carlos Augusto, then Calhanoglu as manager, Thuram permanently as first striker, Demarco as arm, and De Vrij himself as a right-winger, were rarely mentioned. The solutions did not have the desired and proven effects of Appiano Gentile.

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Training sessions today and tomorrow will clarify Inzaghi’s ideas. The alternative must also be considered, i.e. Carlos Augusto adapting to the right wing in midfield. Cuadrado’s time has certainly not come yet: the Colombian is unable to last 90 minutes, and the former Juventus player was not a practical solution, so much so that a decision will soon have to be made from a market perspective, as it is not conceivable until the end of the season with a winger available on an entry basis. . However, Fratesi is looking for space. In the Championship he had few match clips and played only one match as a starter in 14 days. The performance is the result of being introduced into a playing mechanism that is clearly different from the one he had to deal with at Sassuolo. But there is also a starting trio, from Barella to Mkhitaryan, whom Inzaghi has a lot of confidence in: they are difficult to undermine, after all, it is the trio that took Inter to the Champions League final and Inzaghi can’t help but bet everything on them. Fratesi, for his part, puts the best possible application into training. He is planning for 2024 as the protagonist. Who knows, perhaps the launch – if only for a moment at least – will reach a different situation than what was imagined. The midfield has no shortage of input times, speed and quality to cover the winger in Inzaghi’s match. Inter needs to run now. He has to think about the idea of ​​escaping in the tournament, and the calendar helps in this sense, until the end of the year. As long as you don’t make any wrong choices. And the ideas were almost always correct, up to this point.

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