Mother speaks – tell her

Mother speaks – tell her

The sun and the sea are a romantic boat to spend the most beautiful days in. Belen He says again I love youBut this time his love words are not directed at him Stephen DiMartino. No crisis in sight, but on these early days of summer, her heart is all for her little girl. smallest Luna Marie She is growing up (he turns 2 in July 2023) and is very close to her mom. In fact, there are many picture that picture them together, even the one that never fails to let loose controversy Between users who need countless parent intervention Veronica Cusaniangry at some comment He frequently points in his daughter’s direction.

Belen, photo with Luna unleashes controversy

A very sweet shot, share it Instagram, which captures the end of a very long day spent between the sea and the sun. This is how Belen Rodriguez wanted to mark her first summer weekend, which she spent with her husband Stefano Di Martino and their two children, Santiago and Luna Maru. In particular, a photo with her caused controversy – if we can call it that – among the users of her profile, who would have found it very similar to the photo shared by Chiara Ferragni who had little Vittoria in her arms and in a very similar pose.

Who copied who? one might ask. Perhaps nothing because there were coincidences, but the excessive words used by some were immediately intercepted by Veronica Cusani, Belen’s mother, who immediately intervened. In defense of the eldest daughter (This is not the first time). In fact, the hater was put back in his place, to his ignorance for having compared the two pictures, however very similar, but they have nothing to do with each other.

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Belen love words

The Argentine showgirl wrote “Te amo” accompanied by the image in which she holds Luna in her arms, sleeping tenderly on her chest and wrapped in a towel, perhaps just back from her last swim in the sea. love words Which, for once, was not addressed to her husband, Stefano Di Martino, with whom she would have decided to limit her social existence to a minimum, so as not to feed Rumors and gossip On their behalf – with each appearance – they are lost.

There is a beautiful relationship between her and Luna Maru. The little boy, born to him in 2021 by Antonino Spinalbis, is growing surrounded by the love of mother and father, as well as the love of Stefano Di Martino, whom he considers his uncle. In fact, they spend a lot of time together, which is also included in it saints with whom the little girl has a very sweet relationship.

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