“Wedding? He can’t hold back” – libero Quotidiano

“Wedding? He can’t hold back” – libero Quotidiano

daughter of the Loredana lecheso From a previous report announcement to me Banu Carisi He is getting married. It was the same one who made an announcement to Nuovo Weekly: Her husband would be Jean Langer, who lives in Watamu, Kenya. Brigitta fucked up She met him during her volunteer trips to Africa: the two began a relationship and then she decided to move there permanently.

“I have never known someone like him,” confirmed Brigitta, who also revealed her mother’s reaction when she told her the news of the wedding: “She is so excited and happy for me. When I told her I was getting married, she gasped.” The wedding will be celebrated in Lecce, after which a big party is planned in Watamu by the end of next year. An event that is nonetheless problematic for Lecciso, who has never hidden his fear of flying.

“This time I’m sure she’ll take the plane, she certainly can’t back down,” stated Brigitta, who recalled, among other things, how her mother always traveled when she was married to her father: “He forced her. Even though he hadn’t traveled since Many years, yet he is very afraid. Al Banu? He is not a great lover of Kenya, but he will be with us. When he met Jan he was overjoyed.”

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