Five Incredible Sports-Based Video Games Franchises To Try in 2022

Five Incredible Sports-Based Video Games Franchises To Try in 2022

There are many genres of video games available, and you can always pick the one that fits your style. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll find a wide range of video games based on different kinds of sports. There are even tournaments around these games that you can bet on, and you might even find virtual MLB lines if you want to bet when the season is over. 

You can also play these games in your leisure time if you want to have fun. You only need to find one that fits your passion and the sports you follow. So, you have to look through the wide range of video games released over the years to pick the one that fits. This is a tedious endeavor, but you can find the perfect one with the right guide. 

That is why we’ve pieced together five sports-based video game franchises you can try this year. Check out this post to pick the one that fits, and you’re good to go. 

The FIFA and EA Sports Series

One of the biggest sports-based franchises is the FIFA video game series developed by EA sports. It has been around for a very long time and has gone through different changes over the years. There is even a major eSports competition for players to enter where they play the latest FIFA game for a chance to win the championship.

Aside from that, there are different national leagues and exciting competitions to give a try. As a result, it is a massive game if you want to play a sports-based game. The latest in the series is FIFA 22, and it features the best teams in Europe and other parts of the world. In addition to that, you will find top players with their real-life abilities. 

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They release updates with new packs where a player’s ability in the game improves or decreases based on their recent performance in various actual competitions. You can even bet on these games at various sports betting sites as you do with MLB lines

Pro Evolution Soccer Games

Close to the FIFA series, the Pro Evolution Soccer games are another popular franchise created by Konami in the sporting world. Although they do not have the license EA sports does, the company has been able to create an almost life-like game. PES has also been around since 1995, starting as the J.League Jikkyou Winning Eleven. 

After it went global, the name changed to Pro Evolution Soccer, and recently it is called eFootball, going by a recent rebranding. There have been many games from this franchise, and the latest one is the eFootball 2022, where you’ll find exciting competitions and legendary players. You can give the classics a try or jump on the latest one. 

The NBA Live Series

Another interesting sports video franchise is the NBA Live series. It is another sports-based video game from EA Sports, perfect for NBA fans. You can start with the classic options from the 90s or jump to the improved graphics of the 2000s and 2010s to play with some of the best players in NBA History.

Or, you can simply jump to the latest release, the NBA Live 22, to enjoy some exciting basketball gaming. You will enjoy playing with some of the breakout stars in the league. In addition to that, the players have their real-life skills, and you can, for instance, dominate plays with the Greek Freak or shoot 3s with Curry. 

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Baseball Game Series

Baseball fans are also not left behind, and thanks to San Diego Studio, you’ll find a series of top-notch baseball games to play. It even has exciting tournaments you can enter and play for real money. If you love baseball, you can choose from any of these videos to play for fun or professionally online. 

To start your baseball video gaming journey, you can check out the World Series Baseball or MLB: The Show. There are other titles you can choose from, including Out of the Park Baseball, MVP Baseball, and All-Star Baseball, to name a few. These games are also great for players that want to learn more about the sport or how to bet on various MLB lines

Formula 1 Video Game Series

We’ve seen many F1 video games through the years, and the series has been an exciting one for F1 fans and neutrals alike. Since 2000 when F1 2000 was released by Codemasters under the EA Sports banner, there has been an explosion in the popularity of these games. Although they hit a snag in 2014 as many gamers didn’t enjoy the release, they have since rectified the problem.

As a result, the F1 video game series is now back in the gaming world’s good graces, with the latest release being F1 2021. The game has continued to impress. You can try the new release or any of the classics to enjoy racing on different circuits and Grand Prix for a chance to win the championship.

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