“Mosquito” by David Bisbal at a party with Hillary Clinton, surreal reaction

“Mosquito” by David Bisbal at a party with Hillary Clinton, surreal reaction

Hillary Clinton I only spent a few days in Spain. The former US Secretary of State, wife of controversial former President Bill and the candidate defeated by Donald Trump, is often left out of the peninsula. It is a favorite destination and has a good time with local customs. Other than five stars, wow. The American's new visit had a business pretext, which was to hold a conference in Madrid, but what really justified the trip was… Flamenco celebrations And the arrogant one who organized it for him Eugenia Martinez de Irojo At the Palacio de Dueñas in the Andalusian capital. One of the many properties of Casa d'Alba, which the late Cayetana's daughter openly called upon when they met in 2023. Eugenia provided everything. But everything, everything.

Salaries Homeland celebrities Those attending the party include very diverse personalities. An album of trading cards with Rosa Toss, Juanma Moreno, or Lorenzo Cabril; With every one Infanta Elena They collect their clothes in a strange way, or the inseparable band Los del Rio, which “energizes” the crew with its songs, as they did in Abu Dhabi. There was a lot of music: Rescuers I DancersAnd flamenco guitarists, Pablo Lopez, Vanessa Martin, David Bisbal… Farruquito and José Mercer added the artistic touch and the royal lick, improvising lyrics that say: I love peaches, I love peaches, and the Kings of Spain love the Bourbon Kings“, while Gentlemen and gentlemen They nodded with very experienced looks and shouted in relief Ulysses, Easy, and all kinds of bull hide inserts. He was a drawingSorry to say it, but it was like that.

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Hillary Clinton with Infanta Elena and Eugenia Martinez Erujo/Instagram
Hillary Clinton and Los del Rio/Instagram

The scenes were no less terrifying David Bisbal As the protagonist arrives at the palace, it is worth analyzing. The reporter, dedicated to trying to please all the guests, skitted: “David, are you looking forward to celebrating and meeting Hillary?” he victoryon defense: “Okay, a party. This is a get-together between friends“. Anyone would have noticed that this was not the way to make friends with Almeria. Everyone except her. Double the bet: “Don't miss a single one!Phoebe wipes his nose and answers: “Do I miss one? man…The smug face is unmistakable, as seen in “¡Hola!” magazine. They just told him Party animal And he didn't like it. But this is neither the place nor the time to start a scandal. He tries to change the situation, but the treatment is more surreal: “The thing is We are here to represent our flag, ¿Vali?” Of course the machine.

Infanta Elena, David Bisbal and Eugenia Martinez de Irujo / Instagram

Things didn't get better after that. Bisbal had a mission, He sings With Vanessa Martin and Pablo Lopez on piano. “Hail Mary”? “buleria”? no. One of Rocio Jurado. Fabulous Bisbal, a former member of the Maravilla Orchestra before joining the OT Academy, notes that he no longer remembers the classics of his life. Like the “Our love is broken” to 'the biggest'. He put message on mobile, The picture was sad. even so Lost. It looked like Aunt Hillary's end of the year party or one of hers remake De “Bienvenido Mr. Marshall”. “Spain is different.” Oh no.

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David Bisbal, Vanessa Martin and Pablo Lopez/Instagram

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