Morocco-US-Israel summit in the name of Abrahamic treaties

One year after the signing of the tripartite cooperation agreement, Morocco, the United States and Israel have handed over to their foreign ministers the task of officially celebrating the event in a virtual manner.

Morocco, the United States and Israel have celebrated the first anniversary of the Abrahamic Treaty of Peace in the Middle East. On December 22, a high-level trilateral meeting was held to mark the first anniversary of the joint declaration between the three countries, which seals the resumption of diplomatic relations between Rabat and Jerusalem, as well as recognizing Washington’s sovereignty. Kingdom over the Western Sahara.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Morocco, Nasser Purida, He was co-chair with his colleagues Americans Anthony Blink And the Israelis Who Lapid, A ceremony dedicated to celebrating the first anniversary of the tripartite agreement with a video conference event.

The agreement paved the way for the integration of cooperation between the three countries in various fields, especially in the fields of politics, economy and defense. The agreement also made it possible for Rabat to re-establish relations with the Jewish state, which is home to one million Jewish communities in Morocco.

According to Washington, the tripartite agreement will benefit Morocco and Israel, but “marks a positive turning point on the path to a comprehensive and lasting peace in the region, and therefore the firm commitment of the administration.” Joe Biden Integrates its results and uses it as a model to reflect its success. “The United States will continue to work with Israel and Morocco to strengthen all aspects of our partnership and create a more peaceful, secure and prosperous future for all the peoples of the Middle East,” said US Secretary of State Blingen.

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During the ceremony, Purida said, “Morocco fully affirms its commitment to the future that we can shape together.” The human dimension is, in fact, very much in the relationship between Morocco and Israel, and the resumption of relations between the two countries was in response to the strong ties and unwavering connection of the Jewish community of Moroccan descent. We can only hope that we will succeed when millions of Moroccan Israelis reunite with their heritage and return to the land where their ancestors lived in peace and harmony under the protection of the Moroccan monarchs, ”the minister said.

Morocco, the United States and Israel want to continue implementing the elements in the Tripartite Declaration and work to improve peace and stability in the Middle East in order to reach a lasting and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian conflict. “Our tripartite agreement is, above all, a message of peace,” Purida stressed, adding that the anniversary was not only a simple diplomatic event but also a celebration of shared past, present and future and an opportunity to strengthen long-term ties. Has always been among the people of these three countries.

Israeli Ambassador to Morocco, David Gavrin, Moroccan newspaper interview “Asaba“He gave a positive assessment of diplomatic relations between the two countries and restored twelve months of intense exchanges between the two countries. Govrin added that the two countries have forged cultural and social ties that their people have nurtured for decades through Jews of Israeli Moroccan descent and the Moroccan Jewish community.

It explains why thousands of Israelis visit Morocco every year and why civil society in both countries has not stopped strengthening its ties. Since last year, the diplomat continues, Morocco and Israel have signed numerous agreements and memorandums of understanding in various fields of cooperation. Thus, he continues, officials from both countries have paved the way for Moroccan students to take university courses in Israel, while at the same time strengthening academic and scientific cooperation between universities and research institutions.

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The Israeli diplomat recalled the historic visit of the Foreign Minister. Yair Lapid, Allowed a series of agreements to be signed in Rabat and prepared the ground for the visit of the Minister of Defense. Penny Gantz In the North African country. A visit that will make significant progress in relations with Morocco and the Arab world. The visit marked the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries in the field of defense. As far as economic cooperation is concerned, the visit of the Minister of Economy continues, Orna Barbivai, Scheduled for early next year in Rabat, will be an important step marked by the signing of a comprehensive economic framework agreement.

At the same time, Moroccan-United States cooperation, which has already been elevated to the level of an important strategic partnership with many definitions (political, economic, security, etc.), has grown significantly over the past twelve months.

The two countries have been celebrating 200 years of friendship and 15 years since the signing of the only free trade agreement between the United States and the African continent. Currently, more than 150 US companies operating in Morocco have invested more than $ 2 billion and created more than 100,000 jobs. Morocco has launched the Future Leaders program in the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab area, in which L ”s goal is to support young people. People need to become successful civic leaders in their community.

The privileged partnership was further strengthened when Purida visited Washington in November. Secretary of State Plinkon presented King Mohammed VI’s reform agenda. He said the long-standing bilateral partnership is committed to shared interests for regional peace, security and prosperity. Morocco’s key role in promoting peace and stability in the Middle East.

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Another manifestation of the partnership between Morocco and the United States is the conduct of the “African Lion” military exercises, which were canceled in 2020 due to the Govt-19 epidemic, from 7 to 18 June 2021. It is the largest African command exercise in the United States with more than 7,000 participants from nine countries and NATO.

The United States welcomes tireless efforts to deepen and strengthen ties between Washington’s two great partners and friends, Morocco and Israel, “said Secretary of State. It is a diplomatic achievement that reflects the determination to enter a new era of understanding. “

The following year, when the agreement was signed, he said, “For the first time in ten years, you have established direct contact between your two countries. About ten flights a week, nothing a year ago, ”said the US Secretary of State. “You have concluded agreements to facilitate joint military exercises and strengthen trade relations,” Blinken added, adding that the Moroccan-Israeli Business Council has entered into 30 trade partnerships from December 22, 2021.

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