“More Visible – Night of European Researchers” is back. Thus science puts on a show in Perugia and Terni

“More Visible – Night of European Researchers” is back.  Thus science puts on a show in Perugia and Terni

“This is not just an event. For us, it is the most important initiative for scientific publishing.” Thus, the Rector Maurizio Oliviero celebrates the return of the “Sharper – Night of European Researchers” which will take place on Friday 29 September in Perugia and Terni and at the same time in twelve other cities, with a very rich program of events, performances, concerts and meetings dedicated to scientific dissemination, as a result of the contribution of teachers and researchers from University and other institutions. Organized by the University and Secuadro, national coordinator of the project, “Sharper” includes 41 events, 6 pre-events, 4 appetizers and a special exhibition on “Trees of Knowledge” which will take part in the Palazzo Murena and all the University departments in Perugia. City University.

The big news of this edition is “Sharper Chef”: a culinary challenge in which students of the Institute of the Hotel “Patrizi-Baldelli-Cavallotti” in Citta di Castello participate, aspiring chefs under the supervision of university researchers. Among the special events of a program that puts science and citizens in dialogue in Perugia are “Scienza a Comico” and “Magica Quantum”, a presentation of illusion and science by the scientific magician Rafael Silvani and the preview of the PerSo Film Festival, with the screening of the short film “Halot”. Instead, Tierni offers a meeting with schools, the concert “Il Suono della Ricerca”, an event on sports and research and a marathon at the Marmore Falls as well as at Lake Trasimeno. For Leonardo Alfonsi of Psiquadro, “It is a pleasure to organize three events in Perugia that are the culmination of an annual program: the SumoScience double interview competition finals in the Santa Cecilia hall on the mornings of September 27 and 29 and the FameLab Italia final on September 30 at 8:30 pm in Morlacchi.”

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