90 seconds left until the end of the world, according to the “Doomsday Clock”

90 seconds left until the end of the world, according to the “Doomsday Clock”
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the hour to rule The End, a symbolic device created by scientists to visualize the possibility of humanity's disappearance, appears for the second year in a row at 90 seconds after midnight, very close to the final hour, due to the war in Ukraine and the climate crisis.

The clock was set Tuesday in Washington by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the organization responsible for managing the instrument since its creation in 1947.

In 2023, scientists decided to reduce the remaining seconds until the end of the world from 100 to 90, which is the closest the clock has ever reached its final hour, and this year they chose to keep the same time.

The publication said in a statement that this painful countdown is due to the fact that “evil trends continue to guide the world towards a global catastrophe.”

The main concern for scholars is the threat of nuclear weapons being used in war in Ukraine, as well as efforts by China, Russia and the United States to modernize their nuclear arsenals. The bulletin warns that these trends “increase the risk of nuclear war due to miscalculation.”

In addition, the Earth experienced 2023, the “hottest year on record,” and there were massive floods, wildfires, and other disasters caused by the climate crisis. Since 2007, Doomsday Clock has included in its assessments the degradation of the planet due to global warming.

The bulletin also focuses on the expansion of artificial intelligence in the past year, a tool that scientists have warned has great military and deception potential.

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“Fortunately, many countries are beginning to recognize the importance of regulating AI and are taking steps to limit the potential of AI. DannyThey confirmed.

The situation is worse today than it was in 1953, when the clock struck two minutes before midnight during one of the most tense phases of the Cold War, when both the Soviets and Americans conducted the first tests of thermonuclear weapons.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists was founded in 1945 to alert the world to the threat of nuclear disaster. counting Among its members with Albert Einstein I Robert Oppenheimeramong dozens of famous scholars.

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